Some of the gear information in this post is outdated, however the tactics on how to handle the scenario remain valid. With gear ilvls are they are post 7.3.2, your gear is less of an issue.

Before beginning, it’s a good idea to get above 900 equipped iLvL, as the high intellect and health will make the scenario smoother to handle, and I recommend having Whispers of Shaohao in your artifact to help healing in stages One, Five, Six (if needed), and Seven.


For this Artifact Challenge, you’ll want throughput trinkets, with the readily available ones being  Etraeus’ Celestial Map and  Brinewater Slime in a Bottle. In Stage One, Six and Seven, a survival trinket, such as  Perfectly Preserved Cake or even  Royal Dagger Haft would be helpful, especially if you do not have  Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus. Do note that the absorb from  Perfectly Preserved Cake will not apply itself to any friendly NPCs within the scenario.



  •  Flask of the Whispered Pact
  • The Hungry Magister or  Lavish Suramar Feast
  •  Potion of Prolonged Power
  •  Defiled Augment Rune
  • Some drink for mana return.


Below is the recommended talent build for the Artifact Challenge.

Artifact Challenge Strategy

Stage One: The Landing

In this stage, you’ll be grouped with Commander Jarod Shadowsong, Callie Carrington, and Granny Marl, who will be added to any raid frames available for you to track healing on. Enemies will come to prevent your entering Black Rook Hold, coming in waves.

Stage Two: Searching for the Rook

Rest phase. You can let cooldowns come back up, drink for mana, or anything else that you need to do to prepare for the next part of the challenge.

Stage Three: Desperate Times

This part of the challenge is timed, with both damage and healing parts to it. After your allies are whisked away, you will be given 5 minutes to ascend the stairs and free them, with demons along the way.

In the room you’re in will be six Flickering Eyes, which will explode when killed, dealing a sizable amount of damage to yourself. Take them out one at a time, healing up in between.

The gate leading out will open, revealing a couple Unstable Fel Orbs, three Fel Bat Pups, and a Felspite Dominator. Kill a Fel Bat Pup with Crackling Jade Lightning, and focus down the other two when they’re in melee, saving the Felspite Dominator for last. Any damage on Unstable Fel Orbs will render them inert for a brief time.

After dealing with that group, open up the gate to find 4 friendly NPCs (a Panicked Soul and three Damaged Souls). Detox the Panicked Soul before you yourself are feared through Incite Panic, and heal the three Damaged Soul. You can safely use Life Cocoon on one to shield them from the fire damage, as well as apply an amplified Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist to them, while using Thunder Focus Tea Enveloping Mists on the other Damaged Soul and healing them to full. If the Damaged Soul’ health hit zero, they turn into an enemy that casts Knife Dance, slowing down this part of the stage considerably.

These NPCs will not be added to party frames, meaning you’ll have to manually target them in order to heal them.

Once these four NPCs have been healed, there’s a Corrupted Risen Arbalest at the top, near the gate leading to the rest of the stairway. This time, you have to kill them yourself. Handle them the same way you did in Stage One, using Paralysis during Mana Sting. If Paralysis is not available, you can use one of the healed Damaged Souls to soak the Mana Sting.

Do note that the Corrupted Risen Arbalest can target the Damaged Souls you healed up and, if they are brought to zero health, can become another enemy to fight, almost guaranteeing a wipe.

After unlocking the next gate, the stairway is covered with Unstable Fel Orb. Thankfully we can angle Chi Burst all the way up the hallway, making this brief part of Stage Three trivial.

After another locked gate is a Dread Corruptor and three Flickering Eyes. Take out the Dread Corruptor first, watching out for the Flickering Eyes’ movement to be out of their AoE effect.

Stage Four: What Lies Ahead

You will be given another break to let cooldowns reset and to drink mana.

Stage Five: Erdris and the Risen

At this point, your allies will attack one another, while Lord Erdris Thorn summons spirits that you must heal.

Use Potion of Prolonged Power, Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane, Revival, Life Cocoon, and any other cooldown available to make sure you heal the eight mobs required to pass this stage, while babysitting your allies. Any spirits that reach Lord Erdris Thorn will be used in the next stage. If more than two get through, it’s very difficult to recover.

Make sure to watch your party closely here. Granny Marl and Callie tend to take the brunt of the damage and can easily die if you are too focused on healing the mobs. Instant Enveloping Mist from Thunder Focus Tea can help with Waves 1 and 3, and Revival,can almost deal with one wave itself. If you need to heal an add quickly, a 12-stack Sheilun’s Gift can single-handedly heal one while also healing your allies if you have Whispers. Otherwise, spam Vivify. This can be a bit mana intensive so make sure you have an Ancient Mana Potion on you, should it be required.

Stage Six: Rise, Soldiers!

Some dialogue between your allies and Lord Erdris Thorn will happen, during which you are free to drink for mana, after which any enemies (which can be any from Stage One) that made it through your healing will be summoned and have to be killed.

Final Stage: A Thorn in the Side

This fight is very much like Nightbane in Return to Karazhan. You will be marked by a debuff ( Ignite Soul) that will deal damage to your allies based on how much health you have remaining. Use the fire patches that are dropped under you when Lord Erdris Thorn leaps to whittle your own health down for the debuff. The NPCs cannot be damaged by the fire on the ground, and the only other damage Lord Erdris Thorn does is not significant, mainly just to Commander Jarod Shadowsong.

Make sure to overlap the fire in order to save as much space for yourself as possible. Keep your allies topped off, make sure you don’t die, and congrats!