A new build has hit the PTR, and with it, a couple of Mistweaver changes, as well as a blue post to quell some of the uproar that may come along with this build.

Mistweaver Changes This Build

Blue Post About Future Builds

Refreshing Jade Wind also has a mana cost reduction that didn’t make it into this build, similar to other talented heal spells mentioned in a recent PTR note.


All Together Now

I’m gonna be honest. Refreshing Jade Wind, already a niche spell, is now even more niche. Still only useful when there’s group wide damage while your group is stacked, but with its cooldown being shortened the more Haste you have, it requires you to spend more mana if you want more of Essence Font‘s HoT boosted by it.

The Vivify mana reduction is nice. Not much else to say about it.

Stay tuned for future builds!

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