Ah, a new week, a new PTR build, and this one was prefaced by a blue post here.

To summarize that blue post:

  • Now that Essence Font has a cooldown, the development team is looking into ways to protect players from the channel being interrupted, whether that be from a change to its channel time, or straight up being able to channel it while moving, it’s being looked at.
  • Life Cocoon‘s absorb portion will be improved due to the increase of health pools as Legion continues.
  • There are a couple ideas for Refreshing Jade Wind (one of which has been implemented in this build).
  • Rising Thunder is being looked at to be buffed, first by looking at Rising Sun Kick‘s mana cost (implemented this build), but that may not be the end of its changes.
  • After looking at overall healing with these (and other possible changes later in the PTR cycle), further tuning can be done to the spec as a whole.

We can only make guesses as to where Essence Font‘s and Life Cocoon‘s changes will place themselves at, but today’s build gives us a new and improved Refreshing Jade Wind, and a minor change to Rising Sun Kick‘s mana.


Build 24026 Changes

  • Rising Sun Kick
    • Mana cost changed from 2.0% mana to 1.5% mana.
  • Refreshing Jade Wind
    • Duration and Cooldown changed to 9 seconds, up from 6, both of which reduced by Haste.
    • Total ticks per use changed to 13, up from 9.
    • Mana cost changed to 3.5%, down from 5%.
    • No longer buffs any aspect of Essence Font.


What These Changes Mean

The Rising Sun Kick mana change is definitely a boon to our damage output in downtime, taking less of our mana away for when we start healing again. It’s also a step in the right direction to make Rising Thunder a bit more viable against Focused Thunder. However, with the Tier 20 bonuses on the horizon, and questions left unanswered until the tier set is available for testing, there’s not enough information yet as to whether Rising Thunder could potentially overtake Focused Thunder. For instance, if Celestial Breath retains its internal cooldown of 30 seconds with the tier bonuses, or if being talented into Rising Thunder is the only requirement for the cooldown is something that can’t be tested until a later date.


Refreshing Jade Wind losing the buff to Essence Font allows it to take on an identity of its own, instead of having some of its output relying on another spell. This is really healthy for the spell, and that’s shown in this build. It still heals for (nearly) the exact same amount as current numbers on live, but, with the mana cost reduction, is now an amazingly efficient spell to cast.

Healing for 3062% Spell power (SP) with artifact traits and no secondary stats, nearly 140% more than a Vivify without Uplifting Trance (1285% SP), for 0.5% less mana is incredible. It’s 170% more mana efficient (875% Healing per Mana vs. 321% HPM) than Vivify.

What all this means is that, instead of using a Vivify without an Uplifting Trance to heal groups of players, you can instead use Refreshing Jade Wind. It’s just a better spell to cast during group damage. It’s not something to cast on cooldown like Renewing Mist, but defintiely worthwhile during group damage.

There will be a post dedicated for Level 90 Talent Comparisons as the PTR cycle nears its end, but it’s looking like Refreshing Jade Wind may see more use going into Tomb of Sargeras than it has in Nighthold, barring any other changes.


More changes are in the pipeline as the PTR development cycle continues, and things are definitely looking up for Mistweavers.

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