New PTR build, new notes! Let’s dive in.

Build 24076 Changes


What These Changes Mean

The Tier 19 2P change is enough to dissuade using it going into Tomb of Sargeras, even if a high Titanforged set dropped.

The Tier 20 2P change to a flat proc rate is really weird. It doesn’t give any incentive to casting more, since the Surge of Mists procs will come in naturally due to the procs per minute mechanic. This devalues the proposed increase to Haste’s value going into Tomb, since increasing casts per minute does not add any more healing. This change provides one additional use of Thunder Focus Tea per minute, maybe two if it resets its CD naturally and Surge of Mists procs right afterwards.

Casting Essence Font while moving is huge. One of the major concerns that it had was that it spent it both all of its mana upfront, as well as going on CD when it was used, meaning that some poor planning or an unplanned mechanic could’ve caused the spell to heal for nothing while losing all of that mana. This change gives us excellent healing while on the move, allowing the Light on Your Feet artifact trait to wrap up any small movement for positioning to go into Mastery chasing the HoTs.

The Life Cocoon buff was mentioned in last week’s post, as something to have it keep pace with the rising health the expansion is bringing as we continue on in Legion. Nothing to really note on, except that it’ll potentially hold longer for its HoT boost to have an impact.

The Thunder Focus TeaEssence Font change had to happen with Essence Font being castable while moving baseline. Having its cast time go from 2 GCDs to 1 GCD is huge for the potential output of the spell, allowing us to react faster to incoming damage. A very solid HPS decision, adding another option to using Thunder Focus Tea on Renewing Mist (long-term healing) or Vivify (mana sustain).

The range increase to Refreshing Jade Wind is a nice quality of life increase to the spell.


These changes look to be shaping up for Mistweaver’s overall playstyle. Expect some more tweaks as the PTR continues to be developed.

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