Blizzard tossed us some changes to our tier bonuses tonight:

  • Item – Monk T20 Windwalker 2P Bonus   NYI – Rising Sun Kick applies Rising Fist to the target for 8 sec, increasing your Fists of Fury against the target by 25%When Fists of Fury ends, the critical strike chance of Rising Sun Kick is increased by 50% for 5 sec.
  • Item – Monk T20 Windwalker 4P Bonus   Rising Sun Kick critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Fists of Fury increases the critical strike chance of your next Rising Sun Kick by 2.0 sec.

Basically our 4pc became the 2pc, and the 2pc now reduces the CD of Fists of Fury by 2s every time Rising Sun Kick crits. This gives us a little bit more reactive of a rotation, and there should be a nice synergy between these bonuses. I’m not clear on their strength as I haven’t had the time to put them into my spreadsheet, but its unlikely that they’re WORSE than the previous versions. It could also make the rotation feel weird, change timing, and I (entirely personally) don’t like proc-based rotations. It should increase the value of crit a little bit.

Blizzard is also adding some weird rings that Wowhead has started to datamine:

I don’t know enough about other classes to know how strong these are, but the appears that you will get the effect of the talent without actually having to talent into it. Its unclear what Monk will get, and adding a third legendary ring sounds kinda like a joke, but oh well. Obviously the strength of this legendary depends entirely on what talent is selected, whether you can still pick other talents, whether you can pick the same talent and get 2x the bonus. Sooo many questions that we’ll have to get answered over time.

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