So summer is approaching, my wife is graduating and I have only a few more weeks of work before summer vacation. These past few weeks have been hectic in my real life so I appreciate how good everyone’s been with the limited new content on the site and my lack of consistent presence on Discord. However, my daughter is over a year old now and requires a lot of my time, more so when my wife is at work and I’m Mr. Dadylonius. This makes even updating current content hard and adding new content even harder. Because of this, I want to be sure that I am focusing my time and effort into what will be the most helpful for the most people and, let’s be honest, bring in the most donations and support for the site, myself, and the other creators.

As per my usual M.O., I created a Google survey that will help me get an idea of what people would like me to focus on. This will be entirely for my time, not the overall direction of the site or what any other authors decide to do with their content. Please take some time to fill it out and help point me in the right direction for the summer.



Thanks for your help and your time and support. -Babs

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