Thank you to all the people who have responded to my survey from the last post, its been very helpful so far. So since 7.2 came out a few weeks ago, there have been steady improvements to SimCraft, primarily to the Serenity profile so I wanted to run some sims to catch up.


Trinket Spreadsheet

I’ve updated the Serenity part of the Trinket Spreadsheet with the changes from the APL


Tier Bonuses

Tier 19

Because the original strength of the tier bonuses was based on using Whirling Dragon Punch, I ran them again with Serenity.

As you can see, the 2pc is worth a little more than 45 ilvl for Whirling Dragon Punch and goes up to over 60 ilvl for Serenity due to getting more Rising Sun Kick into the Serenity cast. The 4pc is worth a little more than 75 ilvl for both, with a very slight edge to Serenity.


Tier 20

Since I was running the t19 stuff, I thought I’d give the t20 stuff a shot too. The 4pc wasn’t working on PTR yet, so this is still early runs of it.

Based on these results, the 2pc bonus is worth a little more than 45 ilevels with Whirling Dragon Punch and just shy of 75 ilevel with Serenity. The 4pc is worth around 15-20 ilevels with Serenity and 30-35 ilevels with Whirling Dragon Punch.

These sims look at the 4pc bonus as roughly its lowest possible power. Based on what we’re able to find out once it can be tested on the PTR, we may know if its stronger.


This 4pc was finally testable on the PTR and does also proc from Tornado Kicks crits, effectively doubling the power of the tier bonus, making it pretty decent. The below combos were done before this was known, so the t20 4pc is noticeably stronger than in these tests.



Since everyone’s been curious about how the tier bonuses will stack up, and the idea of combining them, I thought I’d run the combinations too. These were done purely looking at the tier bonuses, not changes in ilvl.

As it currently stands, we’ll be looking to aim for keeping the t19 4pc and adding the t20 2pc bonus to it. There will, of course, be an ilevel point that you’ll want to drop the t19 4pc in favor of the t20 4pc, and I’ll get to testing that once we’re closer to Tomb being released. There is also the complicating factors of the legendaries that take up tier slots such as The Emperor’s Capacitor.

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