Blizzard has graced us with the new Windwalker legendary ring’s bonus:  Gain one of the following talents based on your specialization: Windwalker: Chi Orbit

While this isn’t a spectacular legendary, its not terrible either. If you look at my new Sim Compendium page, you’ll see that while Chi Orbit provides relatively unimpressive DPS in single target, its pretty strong in AOE, based on the simulations. Looking at it this way, its stronger than the other legendaries that don’t increase DPS at all, but weaker than most legendaries that do provide a DPS bonus. Realistically anything other than a new BiS legendary is going to be not super relevant when legendaries flow in pretty quickly and many legendaries are strong.

When we get closer to 7.2.5 I’ll be sure to have all new sims out with these legendaries. There’s also always a possibility that Blizzzard can buff/nerf Chi Orbit or give the ring increased stats, since right now they seem bizarrely low.


Other exciting stuff

The t20 4pc is finally testable on the PTR. Apparently it can also proc with crits from Tornado Kicks, and the crit bonus from the 2pc also seems to increase the crit chance for Tornado Kicks. This effectively doubles the power of the 4pc and likely makes it pretty decent. You can take a look at my most recent article about Tier Bonuses for some further information.


New Site Stuff

If you haven’t seen already, I’ve been hard at work improving some of the pages on the site. I have begun adding the Sim Compendium as a reference point for anyone who’s looking for some quick reference sims. I have also updated the Legendary page with ratings from top Windwalker players, to provide some other opinions. I have many other plans for the site over the next few weeks and months, so if you’d like to put in a request, then let me know and I’ll consider it, likely ignore it, or do it and take credit for the idea.

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