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We got a new PTR build today:

The only change was: Windwalker Monk  – reduced from 5% to 0%

This means the previous PTR build’s changes to bake the aura into our spell coefficients will result in roughly the same DPS that we have currently on live.

Windwalker was not the only spec to see these changes:

I don’t know how many of these other specs are seeing a net loss, or gain, or neutral to what they have now. For Windwalker it wasn’t a nerf, it was the removal of a buff.


My Thoughts

Although no one likes losing damage, we didn’t lose any damage, so there’s nothing to be upset about. My feelings about the effect that the aura has on scaling can be found in previous posts, but basically the aura hurts scaling, so if they decide to do more targeted changes in the future rather than an aura that only covers 95% of our damage, then I’m happy.

There’s more time before 7.3 will be released, and even more time before the next raid, so we’ll see more changes before then.


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