Exciting news here at Peak of Serenity! We’ve got some brand new authors on board (say hello to Dhaubbs, Anomoly, and Jove) and are hard at work on some great new content for the site.

Look out for MW-specific encounter guides to Antorus, the Burning Throne, going up this week, as well as some fresh video content from one of the world’s top MWers. We’ll also be taking a good look at older content and making sure it’s all up-to-date as we head into the last months of Legion. And, of course, we’ll be keeping you updated with all the news from the Battle for Azeroth alpha.

If there’s anything specifically you’d like to see in the Mistweaver section of this site, leave a comment or get in touch with me (Cele) or any of the other authors. You can find us on Peak of Serenity Discord!

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