Relics are a means of customizing the potency and use of your artifact. This section will touch on which traits to find relics for, as well as where you can find these different relics. Brewmasters can use Life and Storm relics once they acquire Fu Zan, and then Iron relics when they finish the 7.0 class order hall questline.

Relic Priority

You can go for two kinds of relics, more or less. Defensive or Offensive.

Other relics do not provide as sufficient benefits to you, even if there is an ilvl increase. Try to get these traits above if at all possible.


Relic Sources

So now that we know what kind of relics to go after, below is a list of all the locations and bosses which drop our relics of choice.


7.0 Dungeons

Return to Karazhan

Emerald Nightmare


Tomb of Sargeras