Defensive Brewmaster Trinkets

Be aware that most of what the game calls tank trinkets offer little defensive benefit compared to dps trinkets, and are not worth the loss of offensive power compared to wearing simple stat sticks.

Brewmasters generally do not need the EHP that pure stamina+hp trinkets like Parjesh’s Medallion provide, stagger already makes us EHP monsters by default, and the effects of trinkets like Inescapable Dread and Shard of Rokmora are negligible when most raid bosses swing for well over 1 million per hit.
Trinkets like Phantasmal Echo trigger too early when you dont need their effect, and are effectively only worth the measly amount of secondary stats they bring.

It is very common for Brewmasters in this patch to go with agi+secondary stat sticks or purely offensive trinkets. With that being said, this is a list of defensive trinkets worthy of keeping in your bags. Generally rated by defensive power from the top and down.



A Class of Its Own

Darkmoon Deck: Immortality  DmD:I is the best trinket in Legion for physical mitigation for all tanks, and will likely stay that way throughout the expansion. You are looking at an average of 1500 bonus armor from an 875 trinket. For an ilvl 900 Brewmaster this means ~10% less physical damage taken over an encounter, from one trinket slot.

Is it worth spending x amount of money on? If you want to spend gold to make your monk more tanky vs. physical damage, yes. It is the strongest trinket for it,



Passive trinkets

Unstable Arcanocrystal – Secondaries are better defensively per point than Agility, and Arcanocrystal has a whopping 3400 secondary stats on ilvl 860. Note that you get less secondaries per ilvl compared to Agility, so this is a mainly defensive trinket for Brewmasters in 7.2 and beyond.

Writhing Heart of Darkness – Very good general damage reduction for targets you can hit; Should see very good uptime at 20%+ crit. This is also very good DR in AoE if you have Rushing Jade Wind talented. The defensive value of the debuff at 3 stacks is equivalent to 6000 Versatility at ilvl 880.

“Stat sticks” like Eye of Guarm and Ethereal Urn – Agility with a secondary effect.bumps up your chosen secondary stat, and performs well for dps as well, making these the standard choice for many. You can find out more about which secondary you want to stack on our page about Secondary Stats.

Eye of Command – For encounters where you can reliably stick on one target for the whole fight, this will give you significantly more crit than an equal level stat stick. Crit being one of our best defensive stats

Grotesque Statuette – A strictly weaker version of Writhing Heart of Darkness. This is only worth equipping on purely single target bosses, as the RPPM is limited and you dont want it to proc on an add instead of the big scary boss.



“Extra CD”-trinkets: 

Generally you use these trinkets if there is a particularly scary mechanic you want to ensure you can survive (100 energy Fel Scythe can be scary). The need for these trinkets are generally lower with the introduction of Mystic Vitality – oneshots simply do not happen that often to Brewmasters. Note that all absorbs are increased by our crit chance via Celestial Fortune – this hidden effect makes absorbs increase in size directly with your crit chance – at 30% crit chance your trinket absorb will be 30% bigger.

Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn – Doubling as one of our best dps legendaries/trinkets, it also has one of the bigger shields in the game, and a massive amount of stats.

Infernal Contract – Biggest shield in the game, with the drawback that almost half of it is coming back as a DoT. Note that the damage from this DoT can be staggered.

Coagulated Nightwell Residue – Has the advantage of a low 20 sec cooldown, so can be used as a smaller shield more often, or a big one at 10 stacks when needed. For fights where the tank busters come at a more rapid interval than the regular trinket cooldown, this option can be very helpful.

Royal Dagger Haft – This used to be bugged and proc from every thing that did damage equal to your max HP before reductions and stagger. It has been fixed now, has a much longer cooldown compared to its active counterparts, due to it being a passive insurance policy.

Reliquary of the Damned – New from Tomb, this shield is huge with Celestial Fortune, with the caveat of only reducing damage by 50%. Used while actively tanking, the absorb will be almost always be spent completely and return the full 30 sec cd reduction.

Other trinkets in this category: Animated Exoskeleton, Talisman of the Cragshaper, et cetera. They serve the same purpose.


Special Mentions

Fang of Tichondrius – While not being a coveted trinket for regular content, it is very helpful for the Mage Tower Challenge – the self sustain it gives when you want to save a healing orb is very helpful. As leech is not affected by necrotic, it can also be used as a CD to keep you alive during necrotic weeks in m+. Update: As of 7.2.5 leech is no longer unaffected by necrotic, and Fang remains a very niche trinket for solo content.

Shivermaw’s Jawbone – If you can get this in a decent ilvl, it is very potent for m+ trash, adding a lot of on-demand versatility. For single target it wont do much.

Two other trinkets are also valuable for the Mage Tower Challenge: Gift of Radiance provides another on-demand stun, and Ember of Nullification can silence the Inquisitor, allowing you to move him. Note that as they spend budget points on their effects, both these trinkets have an under budget amount of stats for their ilvl.