Offensive Brewmaster Trinkets

 What makes a good DPS trinket for my Brewmaster?

Short answer is: As much Agility as possible, and as many secondary stats as possible. Either through passive stats like Hunger of the Pack, or through trinkets with secondary procs like Bloodthirsty Instinct

Longer answer to the question “What makes a good DPS trinket, and why is it a stat trinket?”:
All our damage except white hits is a product of our AP (in other words Agility), and all our other secondaries stats buff this damage. Put very simply, the damage of each ability is you cast is a product of Agility*Mastery*Crit*Versatility. Haste makes you able to use some of your abilities more often, but since our GCD is not scaling with haste, its effect for dps is mostly energy regen and Keg Smash cooldown. This makes it generally a bit weaker than the other secondary stats. Read more about secondaries in our Secondary Stats Page.

The better your gear is, the more dominant “stat sticks”, trinkets with Agility and secondaries, become. Compared to a trinket like Oakhearts Gnarled Root, which can perform well on single target at low gear levels, when your gear improves, the relative value of both Agility and secondaries rise, while the proc damage only rises based on its own ilvl.
When your gear is higher ilvl, every part of the “Agility*Mastery*Crit*Versatility” above has a higher multiplier, which all improve the value of each other for DPS. While the proc effects’ value on Oakhearts scales with Crit and Versatility, it isnt scaling with Agility, and the proc will be a smaller percentage of your total DPS on ilvl 900 than at ilvl 850, as your abilities all scale with the greater amount of stats on your gear. The stats on a trinket like Eye of Command on the other hand, becomes more valuable the more Agility you have: Suddenly that crit is multiplying 35 000 Agility rather than 25 000, and the agility on it is multiplied by 20 000 secondary stats rather than 15 000.
Note that Agility scales a lot better than secondaries, and it scales exponentially; you gain much more Agility than Mastery from an Ethereal Urn titanforging, and the higher ilvl the item already was, the bigger gain. Titanforging from ilvl 880-890 is 167 Agility gained, while 910-920 is a 221 Agility upgrade. This means even Fang of Tichondrius can be a DPS gain if it is a big enough item level upgrade over your other trinkets.

Trinkets that proc off “ranged abilities” will work with a multiple of BrM abilities, most notably Breath of Fire and Keg Smash. Some spellcaster trinkets like Fury of the Burning Sky can be very good in AoE situations since their procs scale so well with multiple enemies.
Expect stat sticks to be dominant throughout this expansion for BrM in general, and for DPS in particular.

I have trinket A, B, and C, which ones should I use? 

Quick, dirty and easy way: Find a calculator. Multiply all Agility on each trinket by 10, and all the secondaries on each by 7. Use the trinkets with the biggest total numbers.

Most reliable, correct way, especially for trinkets that arent stat sticks: Sim yourself. If you are unsure of how, Babylonius has written a guide on How to Simcraft. To Sim Brewmaster you need a Custom APL. Copy paste it into the “simulate” tab.

Keep in mind that Nighthold DPS trinket procs all work at 50% efficiency for tank specs. They are still easy to get in high ilvl compared to trinkets from other sources, so dont disregard them completely. This is a trend that looks like will continue into Tomb of Sargeras, so to get the absolute best in slot, be prepared to continue grinding M+.

Sample comparative Sims

The reason we call these “sample sims” is that sims are correct for the character that was used, not *your* character. If you want to find out what is the strongest for you, refer to paragraph above. Sample sims can still give a good indicator of relative trinket strength, but chances are that every trinket in your bags wont be the same ilvl.

These sims were all done on a 908 monk with 27% Crit, 11% Haste, 28% Mastery and 13% Vers, with legendary chest equipped, and an ilvl 900 naked Agility Fang of Tichondrius in the other trinket slot.

1 target

Agility+stats performing well, with the overbudgeted Eye of Command and Bloodthirsty Instinct topping the charts. Deteriorated Construct Core is solid on single target, just below stat sticks, while also being very good for cleave/aoe.

3 targets

The AoE specific trinkets do well on cleave, while stat trinkets remain solid and the single target specific trinkets fall off further.

Note that stationary dummy mobs like in sims is the best case situation for trinkets like these; moving targets and proccing at the wrong time (like when there are no adds up) make them perform worse in realistic scenarios. Sims are also an ideal and somewhat unrealistic situation for stack trinkets like Eye of Command, especially for cleave sims.