Talents can be a tricky choice, because so many seem pretty awesome!


Your talents while leveling don’t super matter. I used this build for chainpulling while questing.


Two builds are good for Mythic+. The first is for pure mitigation while chainpulling (IE the “I am unfamiliar with this content and don’t want to worry too much about damage.”) The followup build deals more damage, being more useful for farming Mythic+. Both are good for pushing higher Mythic+, just be careful about your positioning for Chi Burst.

The “I need a bit of help and that’s fine” build:

Brewmaster Mythic+ build

The “I’m much more comfortable with what I’m doing now” build:

Brewmaster Mythic+ build 2

Note that there’s no huge differences between swapping between certain aspects of these builds. The author of this will swap to High Tolerance for harder Mythic+ content to allow for a greater amount of stagger; they also will sometimes use Rushing Jade Wind even when pushing damage, as it does make mob pick-up much easier.

For some affixes, you may also want to change a few things around:

  • Necrotic: most people will choose Black Ox Statue so that it can take a few hits for them. Mystic Vitality often becomes more useful than Dampen Harm.
  • Skittish: Rushing Jade Wind makes pickup a cinch. Chi Burst also simplifies ensuring you have plenty of aggro generation. Leg Sweep or Black Ox Statue can also be very useful if you have melee that keep pulling off of you.
  • Overflowing: Don’t be the person who takes Healing Elixirs. Just don’t. (I realize this Affix will no longer be available after March 28, 2017; however, this still felt necessary to state.)


A few builds stem from raids.

The “It’s a single target and I am not familiar with this fight” build:

Brewmaster raid build

In multi-target situations, you will likely want to change from Eye of the Tiger to Chi Burst.

In magic-based fights, you will want to change to Mystic Vitality.

Once you become more familiar with a fight as well as your monk, you will want to change into Blackout Combo.