Your Spells and You

Beyond the basic usage of the cooldowns we will briefly cover how some of these cooldowns can be significantly modified by some of our legendaries.  The BRM has a wide array of CD’s and knowing when and how to use these CD’s is essential to being a powerful BRM or in some cases in cheesing fight mechanics.  Our cooldowns fall into the following categories, Brews, Damage Reduction, Utility, Damage.


All of the skills in this category have the benefit of their cooldowns being reduced by some of our rotational skills such as Keg Smash (KS), Tiger Palm (TP), or the Artifact trait off of TP, Face Palm (FP).  The T19 4 piece also drastically helps in this regards as well.  That said each of these skills can also fall under other categories, and will be labeled as such.

Black Ox Brew (Talent, Utility)

Instant 1.5M CD, refills all energy and yields full brew charges (3).  Black Ox Brew (BoB) is itself also a brew, as such the CD on the skill is very misleading.  The base 1.5 minutes becomes more like 45s-1m depending on your relics and Face Palm (FP) RNG.  This cooldown is the core of being able to maintain an aggressive rotation without energy starving yourself as well as building a significant duration Ironskin Brew (ISB) buff.

Tips/Tricks: If BoB, a brew charge, and KS are all coming up at the same time, pop the Brew, then BoB then KS to gain the most bang for your GCD buck.  Never, ever, ever pop BoB when KS is off CD unless you absolutely need a Purifying Brew (PB) right this second.

Fortifying Brew (DR)

Instant 7M CD, Increases max and current health by 20%, increases the damage you delay with stagger by 20% (base) or 26% (7.1.5 artifact) and reducing all damage you take by 20% for 15 seconds, the Fortification gold Artifact trait also gives this skill 25% dodge for 21 seconds.  The base 7 minute CD on this skill is very misleading and may cause you to not want to use the skill as often as you could.  With an aggressive rotation supported by BoB this skill becomes a 3~4 minute CD RNG depending.  It is by far our most powerful CD, popping it with ISB gives you maximum Physical stagger and boosts your magical stagger to new heights.  Stagger has a cap of 99%, because magic damage is not staggered as strongly as physical damage even if you go over the 99% cap on physical you will still gain benefits for magical damage staggering up to the 99% mark (which you won’t reach).

Tips/Tricks: This skill can be utilized many times in a fight and more often than not can be used to completely ignore mechanics in some instances due to the level of damage reduction it provides up front, through stagger and through effective health.  For example on Gul’Dan you can use it to ignore full power scythes, or bonds, they will just tickle instead of being a painful attack.

Damage Reduction (DR)

All of the skills in this group yield a straight damage reduction.  Note that all DR is calculated before Stagger, if you get hit for 100k and have 50% DR, only 50k damage is used for the initial calculation of Stagger before you are hit with direct damage.  DR > Stagger > All other absorbs.

Zen Meditation

Channeled, 5M CD, reduces all damage by 60% for 8 seconds.  Breaks upon moving, being hit by a melee attack, or using any skills.  This skill is an interesting one in that it essentially removes you from combat during its duration, due to being unable to use any other skills.  The base version of this skill sadly finds very little use in normal combat or even in raids.  For this skill to be truly useful you need the Legendary Helm – Fundamental Observation.

(Legendary) – Channeled 2.5M CD, reduces all damage taken by 60% for 8 seconds, using any skill cancels this effect.  This causes the skill to be usable against any damage for the full duration, giving you an exceptionally powerful dependable short CD skill.

Tips/Tricks: The Damage reduction from ZM does not reduce the damage you take from stagger, if you pop this skill with high levels of stagger you will still take significant damage during the duration of the channel.

The damage from Stagger does not break the channel of ZM.

Without the helm this skill is only useful against heavy magic damage.  For example the basic attacks from Star Augur would be impacted by Zen Meditation because they are purely magical.

With the helm you can use this skill to do things such as solo soak Bonds on Gul’Dan, take a multi stack Annihilate from Spellblade, etc. Be sure to use it liberally.

I personally like to weave it into the Gul’dan fight – Empowered Bonds 1, Empowered Bonds 3, 100% energy Scythe.

Dampen Harm

Instance, 2M CD, reduces all damage you take by 20% to 50% for 10 seconds depending on size of the attack.  This skill is a good go to if you don’t have a fight with high magic damage.  It’s short CD gives you a dependable skill often throughout a fight and when it really counts the reduction on it is near ZM without the drawback of being channeled.

Tips/Tricks: This skill really shines in the fight with Spellblade due to the 1 minute CD on Annihilate.  You can utilize it on your second stack Annihilate and have the damage reduced by half for each hit due to the strength of those hits due to the Annihilate debuff.  This skill is also extremely useful for M+ Tyrannical fights if you don’t have the ZM Helm.



Instant, 20 energy, 15s CD Incapacitates the target for 1 minute, damage will cancel this effect Limit 1.  This skill is purely for Crowd Control and sees more use in Dungeons than anywhere else.

Tips/Tricks: If you have enough space during Bolstering week you can Paralyze a mob and pull the others away so that they don’t get the bolstering buff.  Extremely useful against Pelters in Nelth’s Lair.


Instant 10s CD (Transcendence) leave your spirit behind for 15M, use Transfer to swap locations with your spirit.

Instant 25s CD (Transfer) your body and spirit swap locations.

This skill is one of the most under utilized utility skills the monk has in its arsenal.  When utilized the spirit is not destroyed, it just swaps places with you.  If there is any fight where you need to move back and forth between 2 points this skill allows you to do so instantly and without having to move.  This causes boss movement to be very predictable.

Tips/Tricks: On Skorp you can use this to move between Bonds positions.  Take the Arcing Bonds debuff to 6 stacks, then use Transfer on your spirit to swap to the other Bonds stacking point.  The Cooldown lines up within 5 seconds of his Cleave which gives you the arcing bonds.  This allows for very smooth boss movement and eliminates danger of accidental boss turning.

On Gul’Dan you can place your image within the Eye of Aman’thul and after the adds die in Phase 1 you can Transfer inside and gain brew generation time, doubly so if you run Blackout Combo (BoC).

On Odyn you can place an image where the next add will land if you are the add tank, and then just Transfer to the add when it appears, so you don’t lose Odyn uptime.

On Helya you can place an Image on the stairs near the side you tank and if you are going to get an orb just transfer there, move up to the platform, then transfer back to the boss.


The skills in this category are usually utilized for their damage component even if they have other components.  However in instances where a skill has another component to it we’ll cover those usages.

Exploding Keg (Artifact)

1.25M CD, deals (900% AP) fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards causes enemies affected to miss all melee attacks for 3 seconds.  This is our Artifact on use ability, it is also the hardest hitting skill in our arsenal.  This skill should almost always be utilized on CD excepting when adds would show up within the next 15s~ or so.  At which point holding the CD becomes a better option.

Tips/Tricks: You can use this skill against Flashing Fangs on Guarm.

The Keg has a travel time, and the debuff does not apply until the keg hits the ground, so time it so that you cast about 1~1.5s before you need the debuff.  In addition only enemies that were in the targeting recticle when the ability was fired will be hit, it doesn’t matter if they leave the area before the Keg hits.

If you have Cinidaria, the Symbiote belt legendary equipped using this skill when adds first spawn yields a significant boost to your damage and gives you quite a bit of healing.  Very useful on Gul’dan when the dreadlord spawns if you are currently tanking Gul’Dan.

Invoke Niuzao, the black Ox (Talent)

Instant, 3M CD Summons an effigy of Niuzao, the black Ox for 45s.  Niuzao attacks your primary target and taunts it, he also frequently stomps damaging all nearby enemies.  Niuzao aka “Angry Dave” is our only Burst CD, but isn’t often taken due to the power that is Special Delivery (SD).  The taunt ability is toggleable so you can turn it off if it is not useful or harmful in your situation.  His damage is good within the window he is used and for fights that have durations that line up with summoning him and using him to full duration he will deal damage on par with Special Delivery.  If a fight will last less than a minute he will surpass SD level damage.

Tips/Tricks: He gains 100% of your stats, with the exception of getting 400% of your armor.  He focuses on your target, so you cannot really utilize him to Offtank anything for his duration.  Very useful for fights with targeted burn phases.

With this foundation you are well on your way to mastering your Brew, be sure to check back later for the advanced usage guide!