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Welcome to the Mistweaver Monk section of Peak of Serenity!

Here, you’ll find lots of information on how to gear, play, and optimise your Mistweaver monk. There’s boss guides, news article on the latest changes, a full guide to healing and gear (including legendaries), and much more.

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Mistweaver Changes: Battle for Azeroth Beta Build 26567

Okay. A lot happened this build, mainly centered around talent reshuffling, major Thunder Focus Tea changes, and some spell balancing, as well detailing some of the emerging raid healing builds from testing. Changes This Build Revival buffed from 180%...

Mistweaver Changes: Battle for Azeroth Beta Build 26522

Today's Battle for Azeroth build is a little weird. Initially, the 26522 build was pushed, but, due to memory errors, no one was able to log on. Blizzard reverted this build to 26491, but datamining was already underway. Let's get right to it. New This...

Mistweaver Changes: Battle For Azeroth Alpha Build 26476

Following up on last Friday's build, more Mistweaver changes are here, including a slew of talent changes, as well as some base spell number tweaking. Let's go! Until databases are updated, the links to spells will display the previous build’s tooltips. New This Build...