Antoran High Command



  • There are usually quite a few good places for Revival on this fight. It can be used as an emergency to cover popping Entropic Mines near the start and can be up again for when the Fusillade ability starts to hit hard. You can also use it as an emergency when someone misses the shield for Fusillade.
  • You can set up Transcendence to get back to the  Felshield Emitter quickly if you have to move out with a Shock Grenade just before Fusillade is cast. 
  •  Fusillade casts line up quite well with Chi Burst
  • Be careful with Roll, especially when speccing Chi Torpedo. The ground will be littered with mines and an unfortunate Roll could end up killing you and your raid.
  • On mythic, it’s common for healers to go into the pods. If you know you’re second or third into a pod, spend mana accordingly as you will regen inside the pod.

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