• Save your Revival for the bridges and ideally use it when you need to dispel one or more people as well as heal.
  • Be careful with Roll on the bridges as you can easily roll into a blast wire or orb. You can set up
  • Transcendence before you cross a bridge so you can get back quicker, but be careful you don’t teleport before the tank has picked up the boss again
  • You can use Chi Burst to fire through people crossing the bridge, but don’t hang back too far so you get caught up with people with grenades
  • Keep Refreshing Jade Wind active as you cross the bridges for maximum healing while moving
  • On platforms you can dps a lot to get mana back through Spirit of the Crane so don’t be conservative with mana here
  • Use Diffuse Magic if you get a red laser on platform that overlaps with tank blowing up blastwires on bridge

Melee immunity

Mistweavers cannot get Empowered Pulse Grenade so it’s entirely safe (and optimal) to be in melee

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