Fallen Avatar

Quick Tips


  • Level 45: Spirit of the Crane
  • Level 75: Diffuse Magic
  • Level 90: Refreshing Jade Wind / Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane (Chi-ji on Mythic)

Melee Immunity:

  • None


  • Refreshing Jade Wind and Invoke Chi-ji, the Red Crane are both usable on this fight. You can make use of Refreshing Jade Wind in Phase 1 for certain abilities as you group up or just following melee in general.
  • Make use of Transcendence to set up for major boss abilities such as Unbound Chaos and Rupturing Realities.
  • For Dark Marks, you can use Transcendence to quickly return to the ground


This is a basic 2 phase fight. Phase 1 lasts until Avatar reached full power, and then transitions into phase 2 with a floor break and ‘new’ room. Phase 1 is where you will spend the majority of the time, with phase 2 being a race to kill the boss before you run out of room.

Phase 1: Your raid will end up being spread for the majority of this phase, with a few abilities cause you to group up. There is also a fair amount of movement, so Essence Font on the move will really shine.

During Unbound Chaos watch your movement and avoid other people’s explosions. If you are caught with a few people around you, hold your Roll as only a last resort, as using Roll can put you ahead / on top of another player and cut them off of their path. If you can centrally locate yourself on the raid, using Revival during / immediately after this ability will help keep some people alive if they are clipped by an explosion.

Also, after or during depending on how stacked your group is, you can cast Essence Font on the run to provide some additional healing. If your melee group is moving together in a clump, Refreshing Jade Wind will be usable here.

Rupture Realities is the other big damaging ability from this phase. Just quickly move to the back of the room, and set up for Essence Font as you run back in towards the boss.

There is also a soak mechanic, Touch of Sargeras, that needs to be handled and Shadowy Blades, which make a player and shoot a projectile at them. Just either avoid other players, or use Roll / Transcendence to move towards the side of the room so the rest of the raid does not have to avoid you.

Phase 2: After the floor shatters, you will drop down to a lower portion of the room. Keep Refreshing Jade Wind up, if you took this talent, through the majority of this phase. Fallen Avatar will keep casting Rupture Realities, so be aware and move away from the boss when that is cast, and make sure you are using Revival after this to keep people from dipping too low. The two new abilities you need to care for are Blade Winds, which are tornadoes that you need to avoid, and Dark Marks, which are debuffs you need to soak.


For phase 1, you can use Diffuse Magic and Fortifying Brew during the during any time you get get caught in a bad position with Unbound Chaos or if there are a limited number of people in the Touch of Sargeras soak to make sure you can survive.

For phase two, use your defensive CDs for any soak. Alternate them as each individually will be fine for a soak.


With this fight, you can make use of Transcendence in both phases. For phase 1, use Transcendence to position yourself in open areas towards the back and sides of the room before Unbound Chaos to make sure you have a clear area to drop your circles. In phase 2, you can use Transcendence to quickly port back to the ground after getting knocked into the air by Dark Marks.


There are two major changes that will affect you in Mythic:  Avatar summons five Touches instead of three, and a new mechanic called “Tainted Matrix”. Tainted Matrix will shoot a beam from 2 of 5 containment pylons around the room. The beam needs to be soaked, or it will give Avatar energy, causing him to push into phase 2 early. However soaking the beam will apply a stacking healing reduction to the target, so soakers need to be cycled. Because of this healing debuff a large portion of the raid will be at a 60-70% reduction for the entire fight, making the soaking the extra Touch of Sargeras incredibly dangerous.

For this reason, many guilds opt to have healers and melee solo soak the Touches, and stay out of the Matrix soak rotation. If you’re chosen to solo soak, Diffuse magic and Shroud of Mist will keep you alive pretty comfortably, however you’ll need to crunch on the numbers on if Fort Brew will be enough for you. For example, my personal HP pool is 4,714,500, buffed with Fort Brew it’s 5,657,400, so with the reductions of Fort Brew, Shroud and my vers 1-((1-.20)*(1-.13)*(1-.05)) gives me a 33.88% damage reduction. This reduces the 9.2m hit to 6.08m which will still kill me so in order to survive I’ll need to equip extra avoidance gear, Prydaz, or use some external cooldown such as Life Cocoon. Keep in mind, if you’re going to depend on Prydaz, the shield may be down due to damage from unbound chaos – if you’re doing to use this approach it’s advisable to use a weak aura to track the cooldown of the prydaz shield, and use Life Cocoon when the shield won’t be up for the Touch hit.

If you’re going to be soaking the beams instead of the Touches, then Prydaz loses value due to the absorb being reduced by the healing debuff. Leggings of the Black Flame will provide mana saving opportunities from extra effuse and vivify buffs that will help you get to phase 2.