Demonic Inquisition

Quick Tips


  • Level 45: Spirit of the Crane
  • Level 75: Diffuse Magic
  • Level 90: Invoke Chi-ji, the Red Crane / Refreshing Jade Wind

RJW can be used if your group is melee heavy

Melee Immunity:

  • Suffocating Dark – Random void zones will not spawn under us


  • Dispel Echoing Anguish once the targets leave the group to minimize overall Torment gain and damage
  • Dodge Calcified Quills and other damage to reduce your Torment gain


This is a two boss fight (Atrigan and Belac), with an extra action button and a secondary power bar. This bar fills are you take damage and you will need to use the button to go below and clear your power. In general coordinate clearing, and only clear when you are high.

Each boss has an AOE cast, and you will need to move between them as each starts. Belac will cast their AOE first, Fel Squall. Move to Atrigan with the melee and then as Fel Squall ends move back to Belac. Stay with melee and keep Refreshing Jade Wind up as long as there are enough people in ranged.

Echoing Anguish is a debuff that needs to be dispelled, however, it does AoE damage when it is dispelled. Wait roughly 2-3 seconds before dispelling to allow the player to move away from people.


Diffuse Magic and Healing Elixirs are both viable options for this fight. Diffuse Magic should be used for any Echoing Anguish debuffs you get. Healing Elixirs will provide additional healing from the general ticking damage. You will want to potentially save you defensive CDs for getting hit by Calcified Quills, which is a conal attack from Atrigan.


You will not be targeted by Suffocating Dark, so stand with melee as much as possible which you should be doing already.


The one change on mythic is now when you leave the cage after clearing your Torment, you will spawn an add, Tormented Fragment. Move away from these if they fixate you. Also, be sure to drop your Trancendance on Belac as the slow will affect the adds.