Desolate Host

Quick Tips


  • Level 45: Spirit of the Crane
  • Level 75: Diffuse Magic / Healing Elixir
  • Level 90: Refreshing Jade Wind / Invoke Chi-ji, the Red Crane / Jade Serpent Statue

Melee Immunity:

  • Spear of Anguish – Will not target healers
  • Shattering Scream – Will not target healers


  • Spread healing cooldowns across Wailing Souls cast if you are in the Spirit Realm
  • Move quickly if targeted by Soulbind to the second player affected with the debuff
  • Line up spell timings for Sundering Doom / Doomed Sunder during the final phase


This is a fairly straight forward fight. There are two realms and two phases to this fight. The “upstairs” or Corporeal Realm, and then the “downstairs” or Spirit Realm. If you are Corporeal Realm, there will not be much to heal. You can take Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane or Jade Serpent Statue and basically heal as damage goes out. You should put up Enveloping Mist and a Renewing Mist on anyone targeted by Spear of Anguish, just to help the below healers top off these players quickly.

For the Spirit Realm, the two key abilities are Wither and Wailing Souls. Wither is a debuff that increases the damage you take from Wailing Souls. Wailing Souls is a minute long channel of just pulsing AoE damage. If you are in the Spirit Realm just make liberal use of Refreshing Jade Wind, Essence Font, Vivify and other cooldowns. Also, be sure to keep an eye on any raid members with Wither or those coming down from Spear of Anguish.

For the final phase, once The Desolate Host spawns, be sure to move as needed. Just time Chi Burst with Velen’s during the group up ability, Sundering Doom / Doomed Sundering depending on which realm you are in.


Healing Elixirs will be more than sufficient to run during Heroic. Specifically if you are in the Spirit Realm, having a boost of healing during Wailing Souls from Healing Elixirs will help with the damage. If you are in the Corporeal Realm, Diffuse Magic would be useful to help with the damage from Tormented Cries if you are targeted. Also, as you progress into Mythic, Diffuse Magic should be used if you get targeted with Soulbind.


Watch the cast bars of the Reanimiated Templars so you can see when they’re casting Rupturing Slam.  You can move on top of thier hit box in order to completely dodge the slam, and remain in melee.


The only change with mythic is that when the adds die they will spawn in the opposite realm. Along with the increase in damage, this means that any player who is hit by Spear of Anguish needs to be healed immediately. Keep an eye on these players during Wailing Souls casts, as they will come down into the spirit realm already low on health.