Mistress Sassz’ine

Quick Tips


  • Level 45: Spirit of the Crane
  • Level 75: Dampen Harm
  • Level 90: Refreshing Jade Wind

Melee Immunity:

  • None


  • Help to soak Hydra Shot but don’t get hit by two
  • Use Revival / Mana Tea for Hydra Shot damage on the raid
  • If needed, Revival can act as a mass dispel if too many in your raid are hit by Thundering Shock – Should should only be used if 4 or more members of your raid will also be hit by Slicing Tornado


The fight against Mistress Sassz’ine has not a lot healer specific mechanics but must be executed correctly.

Most important spell is Hydra Shot which targets 3 random players. It’s a line soaking mechanic but do not to stand in two beams as it applies a strong debuff and you will be stunned. Use Mana Tea or Revival after Hydra Shot to top the the raid up quickly. The soaking is the most dangerous part of the fight especially if it overlaps with other mechanics.

In phase 3 at 40% there will no possibility of dropping the Consuming Hunger debuff so more and more raid members will take constant damage. Be sure to watch these players as they will be in danger during Hydra Shot soaking.


Use Dampen Harm / Fortifying Brew to mitigate damage during Hydra Shot. This will be especially useful during the times where Hydra Shot overlaps with other abilities later on in the fight.


Leg Sweep can be used to the stun the adds to keep them in place if needed. Also, Transcendence can be used to port over the Slicing Tornadoes.


There is one additional Hydra Shot during the encounter, for 4 total. Also, for Phase 2, Devouring Maw requires 5 Befouling Ink debuffs before it can be stopped. Using Roll, try and quickly pick up and drop off debuffs to help the raid.

For Mythic the key difference is the introduction of Delicious Bufferfish. These will be assigned to DPS players, but if you do happen to accidentally run over one they provide a buff that restores mana for as long as you hold onto them. Once you reach 50 stacks, a red circle will appear around you, take damage as soon as possible and avoid the void zone that is dropped behind you.