Sisters of the Moon

Quick Tips


  • Level 45: Spirit of the Crane
  • Level 75: Diffuse Magic
  • Level 90: Refreshing Jade Wind

Melee Immunity:

  • Twilight Volley – Random AOE will not spawn on us
  • Twilight Glaive


  • Revival should be used on Embrace the Eclipse – Will need to plan cooldown usage with your healing team
  • Be aware of the position of the inactive bosses to soak Incorporeal Shot and dodge Twilight Glaive
  • Watch out for players with Rapid Shot and Lunar Beacon as they will take additional damage


During the entire encounter each boss has some sort of random player damage which must be spot-healed. Key single target abilities to keep an eye on are Rapid Shot, which is just a single target channel in Phase 2 and then Lunar Beacon, which is a debuff that deals magic damage and drops a void zone when it expires. Lunar Beacon is only during Phase 3.

There are three crucial mechanics that can wipe your raid easily. The first is Incorporeal Shot, a line soak mechanic, so be sure to position yourself to help soak the damage. A pre-cast Chi Burst brings up the soakers quickly. You have to deal with this in phase 1 and 3.

The second is Embrace the Eclipse, which you have to deal with in phase 1 and 2. This is a large healing absorb on the raid that must be cleared, or AOE damage will be dealt by any remaining shields. This ability is perfect for any cooldown like Revival, Mana Tea or others. The best is to stack at the boss and players with remaining shields run out.

The third just requires you to dodge Glaive Storm. Be aware that the ability splits 3 times each time its hits a wall, so after the 3rd split there will be 9 projectiles to dodge. Just be aware of positioning.


Don’t forget to reset your debuff when it is high. Using Roll to reposition quickly should be apart of your normal ability usage. All of the debuffs in the fight deal magic damage, so Diffuse Magic will be the go to here. Use it for Rapid Shot, Lunar Beacon, and soaking Incorporeal Shot as needed.


Use your Roll and Transcendence to adjust your position quickly, like soaking a Incorporeal Shot or dropping your stacks. You can also drop you Transcendence at the edge of the room to quickly position for a debuff reset or you move out of the way of Glaive Storm.


The only change in Mythic is that every time you cross from Light to Dark you deal raid wide damage through Astral Purge, and apply a stack of Astral Vulnerability. This debuff increases the damage taken by the next Astral Purge. Be mindful of your positioning and don’t hung the crossover point.

Also for the majority of this fight stand in melee and keep Refreshing Jade Wind up. The raid will be taking constant damage from Astral Purge.