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Garg is a Mistweaver theorycrafter for the class he’s been healing on since Summer 2014, during Siege of Orgrimmar. He is an admin in the Peak of Serenity Monk discord server, and spends most of his time either writing guides or making spreadsheets.

So many spreadsheets.

Cele is a Mistweaver Monk in Pure on Turalyon EU. She played MW as main throughout EN and Nighthold and then had to switch to Resto Shaman to help with mythic progress. Now Antorus progress for the main raid is over, she will be switching to Mistweaver for the rest of Legion and beyond!

When not playing WoW, she works as a book editor and enjoys petting her doggo.

Find me on Battle Net: Celestiel#2250

Find me on Discord: Cele#8254

Find me on Twitter:

Dhaubbs is a Mistweaver Monk in Big Dumb Guild, one of the best guilds in the world. He does video and graphic content for Peak of Serenity as well as advising on spec and encounter guides.

Anomoly is responsible for the Mistweaver section of WoW Analyzer and is a veteran in Peak of Serenity Discord. He raids in Decidedly Uncouth and is heavily involved with Mistweaver theorycrafting.

Fankine plays Mistweaver in Quichons, EU-Elune. He’s a 23-year-old engineering student living in France. Outside of World of Warcraft, he likes to play a bunch of other games and when he decides to leave his basement he also plays tennis.

He began playing WoW at the release of Wrath of Lich King, He’s raided casually as a lot of class up until Warlords of Draenor where he decided to raid more seriously and mained a Restoration Shaman for the first tier (Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry), then he switched to my Mistweaver mid-progress during Hellfire Citadel and maintained overall high rankings ever since. He started writing guides and get more involved into Mistweaver community during HFC farm and the Legion preparation.

battlenet Fankine#2800