Mistweaver PvE: Rotation


As a healer, there’s no set rotation or priority that you can do to maximize healing over a fight. You just have tools to get the job done, and you have to apply those tools the right way at the right time to be effective.

First and foremost, you’re going to want to get experience with the fight. Whether that’s watching boss kill videos, or pouring through logs of other kills, or even something as simple as looking through the in-game dungeon journal, get yourself acquainted with damage patterns and strategies of the fights. Know when damage is coming in to push healing, or when to sit back and let Renewing Mist and other healers’ passive healing pick people up in order to conserve mana is the biggest thing to learn to be an effective healer.

Raid Healing
Pre Pull
How to Use Spells
Dungeon Healing

As a general reminder, mana does not matter in dungeons, thanks to the simple fact that you’re able to drink water in between pulls. Due to this, burst healing is much more important, hence the emphasis on Haste and Mastery in the Stats section of this guide.


How to Use Spells
  • Renewing Mist on injured targets. Not 100% on cooldown. Trust in its capabilities to heal DPS in between trash pulls, as well as have an Uplifting Trance at the ready for group damage.
  • Enveloping Mist on low health targets. Channel Soothing Mist on them to help stabilize further.
  • Essence Font only to get the HoT on allies, for double Gust of Mists healing to burst allies back up.
  • Vivify for group healing.
  • Sheilun’s Gift can be used a couple of ways. You can sit on charges to burst someone back up to health, or use it continuously at low stacks as a free heal.
  • Zen Pulse the tank or low melee for free damage and a decent amount of healing.
  • Thunder Focus Tea should be used to its fullest extent with it’s utility uses. Instant cast Enveloping Mists for when you need to move, Effuse for a quick, powerful heal, Renewing Mist in preparation for damage, etc.