Mistweaver PvE: Talents


Level 15


  • Chi Burst – A short cast on a 30 second cooldown that heals all allies and damages all enemies in a straight line for 40 yards.
  • Zen Pulse – An instant cast, single target heal that scales its healing per enemy around the ally. Its healing is capped at 6 enemies.
  • Chi Wave – Send out a bolt of Chi, healing allies and damaging enemies, alternating between the two until there are 7 bounces.

Recommendation: Chi Burst for raids, Zen Pulse for dungeons. When using Chi Burst, try to hit two distinct clumps of players, as there’s some slight diminishing returns on Chi Burst‘s healing. Going through two groups allows this DR to reset.

Level 30


  • Chi Torpedo – Changes Roll‘s animation, allowing you to travel farther, while also granting you a stack of Chi Torpedo (Buff), increasing movement speed for 10 seconds, stacking.
  • Tiger’s Lust – An on-use sprint that you can cast on a friendly target to clear them of any roots and snares, as well as increasing their movement speed by 70% for 6 seconds.
  • Celerity – Adds another charge to Roll and reduces its recharge time by 5 seconds.

Recommendation: Personal Choice. I prefer using Tiger’s Lust, as it acts as a free dispell on some fights, saving mana.

Level 45


Recommendation: Each of these talents has their niche uses. Use Lifecycles on fights where you’re unsure about damage patterns, in order to cover up mistakes made by raid members by making some spells cheaper. If you feel you don’t need the mana, then Mist Wrap would be better. If the fight gives you downtime between damage events, then Spirit of the Crane will see some major use.

Note: The most effective way to use Spirit of the Crane is to build Teachings of the Monastery to 3 stacks before using Blackout Kick. However, if you need to move away from an attackable mob, try to dump any Teachings of the Monastery stacks before moving.

Level 60


  • Ring of Peace – Place a circle on the ground anywhere within range, throwing any enemy within it out, and preventing them from entering it for 8 seconds.
  • Song of Chi-Ji – After casting this spell, a slow moving cloud of red mists travels in a straight line, disorienting any enemy it passes through.
  • Leg Sweep – Stun every enemy around you for 5 seconds.

Recommendations: Leg Sweep will be the default talent in this row for PvE. Ring of Peace has some very niche uses, like keeping Parasitic Lashers away from allies on High Botanist Tel’arn.

Level 75


  • Healing Elixir – Allows you to instantly heal for 15% of your maximum health. 2 Charges with a recharge of 30 seconds. Able to proc (however inconsistent) whenever you dip below 35% health.
  • Diffuse Magic – 60% Magic damage reduction for 6 seconds. The latter effect means nothing in PvE.
  • Dampen Harm – Complete damage reduction that scales based on the incoming hit. The larger the hit, the more damage will be reduced.

Recommendations: Healing Elixir, unless you plan out whether one of the other options will be better for a given fight.

Level 90


Recommendation: Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane in dungeons, Refreshing Jade Wind in most raid scenarios. Chi-Ji helps in dungeons during some of the more rough pulls, thanks to his long duration. In raids, you can stand in melee a solid majority of the time and efficiently heal with Refreshing Jade Wind.

Level 100


Recommendation: Mana Tea for raids in order to spam Vivify during heavy group damage with little overall impact on your mana. Focused Thunder or Rising Thunder for dungeons. Your choice in dungeons depends on group composition or if you need to conserve as much mana as possible to maximize your uptime.