Mistweaver PvE: Trinkets


Antorus, the Burning Throne
  •  Garothi Feedback Conduit. Not too bad – it works out around 2% haste increase, depending on your RNG, but there are better trinkets for Mistweavers in Antorus.
  •  Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter. Super nice for mythic plus due to the short cooldown and decent shield. Less so for raiding, but you might find some niche use for it on fights with strong debuffs if your raid is having problems spot-healing.
  •  Tarratus Keystone. Very mediocre. Not worth using unless it’s your only option.
  •  Vitality Resonator. Not totally terrible if you can use it on cooldown on a fight with lots of adds, but it quickly loses effectiveness on fights with spaced-out add timers. Not good at all on single target fights.
  • Carafe of Searing Light. Decent as mana trinkets go, but in most cases, you’ll be better off with throughput trinkets and adjusting playstyle.
  •  Highfather’s Machination. Strong for progress. Can save lives frequently. Loses effectiveness on farm content or on fights where people don’t dip below 50% (Varimathras, for example, where those who dip low usually have the necrotic debuff so can’t receive healing)
  •  Eonar’s Compassion . Once levelled up to 1000, a very good trinket and worth using for the good of the raid too.
Crafted, World Quests, World Bosses

This section of trinkets is the most readily available, whether they be through a profession or through a rather easy World Quest. Definitely one of the first places to look when you’re just starting out gearing a character.

Crafted Trinkets:

These trinkets are found through either Inscription or Alchemy, and can be upgraded through the Obliterum Forge in Dalaran, to a maximum iLvL of 875.

  • Darkmoon Deck: Promises (Inscription) – While equipped, this trinket reduces the mana cost of your spells by a variable amount, depending on whichever card is drawn.
  • Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire (Inscription) – While equipped, this trinket increases your Critical Strike by a variable amount, depending on whichever card is drawn.
  • Infernal Alchemist Stone (Alchemy) – Requires Alchemy (1) to equip. Using spells while wearing this trinket has a chance to increase your Intellect for 15 seconds. While equipped, all healing and mana potions have their effects increased by 40%.

World Quests Trinkets:

All World Quest-specific trinkets either have a flat amount of Intellect and a random Secondary Stat on them, or are a dungeon World Quest, which rewards a trinket (and can be for Brewmaster or Windwalker) from that dungeon’s loot table after completing it. Make no mistake, whenever a World Quest is up with and Intellect trinket, make sure to do it for a chance at a Titanforged trinket.


World Bosses:

These trinkets drop from bosses that only pop up every once in a while. Definitely worth finding a group or tagging if you’re in the area.


  • Unstable Arcanocrystal (Withered J’im) – Trinket with intentionally over-budgeted secondary stats. Great if you get a high enough iLvL one to drop.
  • Padawsen’s Unlucky Charm (Humongris) – Like World Quest trinkets, this trinket has a static amount of Intellect on it, but has Critical Strike, Haste, and Mastery on it as well.

Moving on to trinkets that aren’t as easy to obtain, but still fairly farmable, dungeons, across all difficulties have a mix of terrible to pretty good trinkets.


  • Jewel of Insatiable Desire (Violet Hold) – The effect of this is hard to math out properly, since it relies on another players’ burstiness. However, it’s a strong enough trinket, if you don’t mind not being credited with the healing it provides.
  • Obelisk of the Void (Violet Hold) – It’s cooldown doesn’t line up well with any of our healing, and the flat Haste is okay. Decent during periods of heavy damage that aren’t covered by a cooldown.
  • Thrumming Gossamer (Violet Hold) – The flat Intellect is good, but that’s all this trinket has going for it. Its equip effect is unreliable due to RNG, and the fact that Mastery is only helpful during burst healing. Getting it to proc during burst damage is once in a blue moon.
  • Amalgam’s Seventh Spine (Black Rook Hold) – With Effuse making a return to being cast consistently inside of raids thanks to Effusive Mists and Whispers of Shaohao, this trinket will see great use on fights you need mana on. The static intellect on this definitely makes this a worthwhile trinket to pick up.
  • Bottled Hurricane (Eye of Azshara) – The healing this trinket provides is too low to be worth equipping.
  • Horn of Valor (Halls of Valor) – Static Versatility with an on-use Intellect buff with 25% uptime is great for extended periods of damage, typically when Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane is out in the raid, running around.
  • Mote of Sanctification (Halls of Valor) – The healing of this trinket is too low to equip.
  • Naglfar Fare (Maw of Souls) – The absorb and healing of this trinket is too low to equip.
  • Nether Anti-Toxin (The Arcway) – The haste it grants on proc is cute, but uncontrollable. The healing of this trinket is not worth equipping.
  • Concave Reflecting Lens (Vault of the Wardens) – The healing of this trinket is too low to equip.
  • Flask of the Solemn Night (Court of Stars) – Static Intellect combined with a fairly steady haste proc makes this definitely decent when you’re in dungeons.
  • Chrono Shard (Court of Stars) – Static Intellect with a Haste proc. Decent enough in dungeons.
  • Faith’s Crucible (Lower Karazhan) – The healing of this trinket is too low to be worth equipping.
  • Fluctuating Energy (Upper Karazhan) – Static Intellect with a a decent proc rate on mana return makes this a solid trinket if you don’t have an Amalgam’s Seventh Spine.
Tomb of Sargeras
  • Barbaric Mindslaver – Intellect with a pretty good effect. Definitely tied for top spot with Sea Star of the Depthmother. That spot entirely depends on your Essence Font cast frequency.
  • Charm of the Rising Tide – On use Haste trinket. Relatively weak, but not entirely crap. Combo’ing it with Mana Tea for faster, cheaper spells during burst is a good idea, but dedicated a trinket slot to that combination is limiting whenever it’s not available.
  • Chalice of Moonlight – Working like the Night Elves’s Touch of Elune racial, the Critical Strike bonus is applied during the daytime of your region’s time, 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM. Otherwise it procs Haste, and since a majority of raiding falls in the night cycle, this trinket is rather weak.
  • Sea Star of the Depthmother – An absolutely great trinket, especially on an AoE fight. Using a deck proc system, where you’re guaranteed so many procs across a number of attempts makes this a phenomenal trinket.
  • Archive of Faith – This trinket has a high chance to overheal, but it definitely has its merits in small group content, where it can really shine and save someone’s life.
  • Deceiver’s Grand Design – Amazing for healing someone taking sustained damage. Phenomenal in small group content, but a bit hit or miss in raids.
Emerald Nightmare

The first raid of the expansion, Emerald Nightmare’s trinkets are all fairly underwhelming.


  • Heightened Senses (Ursoc) – A middle of the pack trinket, its random proc on Intellect is a slight detriment to an otherwise solid trinket.
  • Vial of Nightmare Fog (Dragons of Nightmare) – Due to the nature of our healing events (not overall healing) being dominated by ticks of Renewing Mist, the placement of these absorbs is entirely out of our control.
  • Cocoon of Enforced Solitude (Elerethe Renferal) – The mana return for the downtime required to use this trinket is not worthwhile at all.
  • Horn of Cenarius (Cenarius) – The healing from this trinket is underwhelming and not worth equipping.
Trial of Valor

Trial of Valor only has one trinket for healers, a static stat trinket. Not much else to say. It’s pretty solid if you get a Critical Strike or Versatility one.


  • Brinewater Slime in a Bottle (Helya) – The easiest static stat trinket to get at a decent enough iLvL, but with a caveat that its secondary stat is chosen at random.
The Nighthold

Nighthold offers some relatively high throughput trinkets, as well as ones not worth equipping.


  • Perfectly Preserved Cake (Trilliax) – Equip it. No joke, it’s one of the best healing trinkets available to us. It shields 6 people at a time, and scales with our Versatility. A massive healing boon.
  • Aluriel’s Mirror (Spellblade Aluriel) – An RNG proc explosion on top of an RNG HoT application just spells disaster for using this trinket effectively.
  • Etraeus’ Celestial Map (Star Augur Etreaus) – Usually, RNG stats on a trinket make it worse. However, the procs from this trinket can overlap, and are actually a solid amount of stats that, when averaged out, is a fairly sizable amount. Combine that with static Intellect, and it’s a really solid trinket if you don’t have a comparable static Intellect and secondary stat trinket.
  • Ephemeral Paradox (Grand Magistrix Elisande) – The worth of this trinket comes from casting a spell often enough that getting a free cast from it is worthwhile, in addition to the surplus mana. With Effuse making a comeback in raids, this won’t be as looked down on in raids as it was prior to 7.2.

Top Trinkets

The trinkets you want to specifically target fall into two categories: throughput and mana.

The following lists are assuming that trinkets are at roughly equal item level.



Do note that these lists have the potential to change based on your stats or per fight. In which case, make a copy of Garg’s Teachings of the Crane spreadsheet, put in your stats and go to the Trinket Comparison block to compare two trinkets with each other, including any relevant sockets of Leech on the trinkets.