Where can I find a Pawn string for MW?

Short answer is that you can’t. Your stat weights are personalized based on your current gear and stats, and  you can’t ‘sim’ healing like you can sim DPS. However, you can use Garg’s spreadsheet to input data from your own logs and get personalized weights. Just remember to keep checking when you replace gear.

What legendaries should I use?

Again, this is an ‘it depends’ kind of question. For raiding, you’ll most likely use some combination of Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus, Velen’s Future SightEi’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas and Doorway to Nowhere

For M+, Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus and Velen’s Future Sight are still good bets, but you can also use Ovyd’s Winter Wrap, Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas or even Sephuz’s Secret.

Check out our comprehensive guide to legendaries to learn more.

Is tier 21 worth using?

Yes, is the short answer. It’s stronger for raids than for M+, so you might want to consider switching to your best ilvl and stat-weight gear for M+, but for raids, tier is very good.

Which talents should I use on X encounter?
It’s rarely as easy as saying ‘Take this talent!’. A lot can depend on the individual fight and your healing composition. It can be helpful to look at logs from top mistweavers and see what they’re running on the fight, with the caveat that sometimes top logs aren’t indicative of best talents for progress.

Have a look at our talent guide for more information.

What are our soft caps?

We don’t have any worth pursuing. Just get as much of your top stat as you can.

What neck enchant should I use for raiding?

Ancient Priestess

What trinkets should I use?

When raiding, in most cases Velen’s Future Sight will take up one of your slots. In Antorus, the paragon trinket, Eonar’s Compassion, is very strong when fully upgraded, and the legendary trinket, Amanthul’s Wisdom, is, unsurprisingly, strong too.

For judging the rest, you can see a full listing of trinkets in Garg’s spreadsheet

How can I improve my play?

Well, you’ve made a good first step by coming to this website! Read all the information here and you’ll have a solid grounding in playstyle. The next step is to analyse your own play, either by recording your raids to watch later or looking through your logs and seeing where you can make improvements. See the guide on analysing your logs to learn some tricks for doing this efficiently.