I’m Pandanaconda and I play a Windwalker Monk in Myst, EU-Draenor. I’m a 23 years old french math student, young comedian/pianist in my spare time.

I only started playing WoW in late Pandaria as a pvp player with little experience. Windwalker was my first spec ever and ended up being a durable main throughout the years. Haven’t regretted that choice much before.

I started being acknowledged when I wrote encounter guides specific to monk interactions and other stuff on MMOChampion Monk forums. Around that time I became an active part of monk’s IRC then a moderator when it became a Discord server.
During Legion’s alpha, I was contacted by Babylonius to cowork on a website for windwalkers. This very successful experience led to this new project for monks of all sorts.

I try to stream all of my raids on Twitch and sometimes some testing/dungeons and others in there. However, don’t expect the most interactive chat/stream!
I do not have an active twitter account.

Guild History
  • Myst – Draenor-EU:
    • Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M (world #118)
    • Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M (world #44)
    • Trial of Valor: 3/3M (world #26)
    • The Nighthold: 10/10M (world #60)

I am very easy to find either ingame (pandanaconda-draenor on European servers) or in the moderator list on peak of serenity’s discord. I try to stream all of my raids and some extra stuff. For reference, we raid on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays, 19:15->23:15 European Server Time.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions in chat, I try to check it every now and then and answer everything I can.





Allthough this might change in the future, I haven’t got any donation system. Walkingthewind was a great experience to keep doing what I was doing out of passion to help people through forums but with a wider crowd benefiting from it and the occasional thank you whispers I get here and there on discord or ingame are the greatest reward of them all.


However, at time I find myself not writing theorycraft articles or providing content here because I cannot justify the time spent here rather than working. If this becomes too much of an issue and some people actually wanna support, I might change this eventually.

The greatest reward is to see information being passed on, people who I’ve once helped and now teach others. We’re fighting everyday to protect monks from misinformation!