Hello everyone my name is Talby, I’m apart of the Blizzard World of Warcraft MVP program, and I play Windwalker / Mistweaver on Tichondrius Horde. I am the creator of the Pandaren best selling series “Paw Prints in the Sand”, and when I’m not busy being a best selling Author I spend my free time studying in pursuit of what hopefully turns into an enterprise IT & Risk Management job.

My first Blizzard title was Diablo 2 and the expansion Lord of Destruction where I played on US-East doing timed runs for ClanCHX with my Hammer Paladin and PvP’ing on a Fireball Sorceress where I eventually placed in the top 10 for the gm dueling ladder rankings after many months of farming (you think rng is bad now).

Shortly after the release of the Cataclysm expansion I moved over to World of Warcraft where I instantly took an interest in Arenas and soon after that it extended to rated battlegrounds and raiding. In the past I’ve participated in every Arena Season playing both Arenas and RBGs on a variety of Healers / DPS and acquiring the vanquisher title in the MoP Arena Tournament on my Resto Druid, because rmd, and currently I write guides for Windwalker PvP mainly towards helping new players get introduced into the Arena.

Guild History

  • Dusk – (H) Azuremyst
  • Resurrection – (A) Azuremyst
  • STK – (A) Lightbringer
  • Snowblind – (H) Tichondrius (Current)

Discord: Talby#6809
Battle.net: Talby#1633