How much DPS should I be doing?

This is best answered by going to WarcraftLogs Statistics for Windwalker Monks, finding the raid, boss, difficulty, and item level that fits your character and looking at how other monks are performing.

Two Notes: (1) 50th percentile is statistically “average” but it does include those that are dead for part or all of the fight. I recommend looking at the 75th percentile as a good gauge for performance. (2) WCL doesn’t account for differences in artifact traits, legendaries, and trinkets which can skew things, making it not a perfect comparison, but the best tool we have.


Why is SimCraft telling me to get Haste when its our least useful single target stat?

Haste has very high weight variations in SimCraft, mostly due to the fact baseline SimCraft will look at small increments for weights. Since haste’s value is discontinuous, this will result in a wrong metric as well.

Before going for some haste because SimCraft told you so, try to sim again with +400 haste versus +400 versatility or something to get a real idea of what’s going on, and if it’s not a large mistake. If you wanna look further into it, stats plotting is your best friend (or reforge plotting, haste+versatility.)


Is there a hard cap, soft cap, breakpoint, etc for X stat?

No. Caps and breakpoints aren’t as common in WoW as they once were believed to be, and even then, many of them are minor caps or breakpoints at best. That is simply not how math works very often in WoW anymore.


I have X% stats, Y trinket, Z gear, and I’m not doing as much DPS as I think I should, help!

This is a very regular question that is almost always answered by looking at someone’s performance in raid logs and seeing errors that can be fixed. The answer is rarely, if ever a stat or gear problem, its (almost) always a performance problem.


Is Convergence of Fates good?

Convergence of Fates reduces the cooldown of Serenity and Storm, Earth, and Fire. This can help you to get an additional cast of them during the fight, or help the buff timing to line up better with a mechanic and other cooldowns. If that is the case, it is an extremely strong trinket. If you don’t get another cast off, or it doesn’t help things line up better, then its essentially a stat stick.


Should I be delaying Fists of Fury for 10 stacks of Transfer the Power?

In general: No. Only if you won’t lose a cast of Fists of Fury later in the fight, which you almost certainly will. If you will be delaying Fists of Fury for an upcoming set of adds or another reason, then no reason not to sneak a few extra stacks of Transfer the Power, but do not delay Fists of Fury specifically for that purpose


Should I delay X for Y?

In general, delaying things as a Windwalker is rarely going to be a good thing. However, if you will get more DPS out of it by delaying it, then you should delay it. This isn’t something that can just be answered in a blanket statement other than that way. For example, if you have 10s until a group of 5 adds spawn, and they will be grouped up nicely, you can delay Fists of Fury those 5s so that you have it available immediately to hit all those adds. This results in Fists of Fury doing 5x its normal damage, which would outweigh losing a cast later. However, if you can use Fists of Fury then use it again and still hit those 5 adds without delaying, it will always be safer. The best answer to this question comes with experience and intuition as every raid and encounter will have a different answer.