Stopcasting Macro

#showtooltip Tiger Palm
/stopmacro [channeling:Fists of Fury]
/stopcasting [channeling:Crackling Jade Lightning]
/cast Tiger Palm

Change Tiger Palm with whatever ability you want. This macro prevents you from cancelling the channel of Fists of Fury, while ensuring that you do not spend any unwanted energy on Crackling Jade Lightning.


Serenity and RSK

#showtooltip Storm, Earth, and Fire
/cast Storm, Earth, and Fire
/cast [talent:7/3] Rising Sun Kick

This uses Storm, Earth, and Fire or Serenity if talented into it and immediately casts Rising Sun Kick ONLY if you are talented into Serenity. In order for the Rising Sun Kick to be cast instantly you need to be off the global cooldown AND have two Chi available. This chi won’t be spent, but is required to make the macro work instantly. If you are on the GCD or don’t have GCD, then you’ll have to press the macro a second time.