Windwalker PvE: Stats, Gems, and Enchants



All races are within 1% of each other, play what you want. (psst… Pandaren)

Serenity Whirling Dragon Punch
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Stat Summary

Critical Strike: Chance for extra effectiveness on attacks and heals.
Haste: Increases attack speed and energy per second (eps), also reduces the cooldowns of all spellbook abilities. Keep this below 10% to minimize Serenity delay.
Mastery: Mastery: Combo Strikes – Increases damage of abilities, provided the previous ability wasn’t exactly the same.
Versatility: Increases damage and healing, and reduces damage taken.


Stat Priority

If you want a better understanding of stats rather than “Do this” then read Stat Weights and You and listen to Podcast Ep 5.

  • Single Target: Agility > Mastery >  Critical Strike > Versatilty > Haste
  • Multi Target: Agility > Mastery > Haste > Critical Strike > Versatility

Stat Weights: To find the best stat weights for your character, use SimCraft. You can also use Babylonius’s Spreadsheet.


  • You can have one Jewelcrafting-created BoE epic gem. For Windwalkers you want: Saber’s Eye of Agility.
  • For other sockets follow the stat priority above.



  • Flask – Flask of the Seventh Demon (Agility)
  • Potion – Potion of the Old War with Serenity, Potion of Prolonged Power without, both very very close.
  • Rune – Defiled Augment Rune (Agility)
  • Food – Lavish Suramar Feast (Agility)