The Way of the White Tiger: Legion Windwalker PvP Guide 7.3

The order you aquire your traits in  7.2 is not as important as getting all of your traits as soon as you can. The first thing you should do is aquire Windborne Blows & Ferocity of The Broken Temple then you have the option of pursuing the new talents up to Thunderfist or putting an extra rank in Fists of the Wind or Rising Winds . While aquiring the initial 35 traits here are the ones that will have the most impact.
Spiritual Focus
Good Karma
Transfer the Power
Gale Burst
Healing Winds

The Basics

Energy is used to fuel our primary abilities either dealing damage, generating chi, healing, or controlling enemies.

Chi is used to fuel our secondary ability’s enabling us to deal the highest amounts of damage known to man.

The Global Cooldown which puts all abilities on a 1 second cooldown each time you press a button.

For any class the management of resources is an important aspect of doing damage and for Windwalkers that management comes in the forms of Energy, Chi, and the state of your Global Cooldown. There is no magical number of Energy to hover around or a certain amount of Chi you always want to have but it is important to understand the moments when you’re going to want to perform more than one action.

When you’re spamming a generator you’re starving yourself of energy, delaying the use cooldowns at pivotal moments and potentially triggering the global cooldown when you might need to react to something. You’re going to lose out on opportunities that could have won you the game if you treat energy as an infinite resource. Plan ahead!

The Spellbook

Tiger Palm will spend energy to generate Chi which will allow you to use one of our 4 chi spenders.

  • Blackout Kick is a filler and should be used when your not doing anything other than spending resources to deal damage.
  • Rising Sun Kick is a low cooldown high damage skill that will be a large portion of most of your sustained damage.
  • Fist of Fury is a heavy hitting, channeled ability with a moderate cooldown that is our primary source of damage.
  • Strike of the Windlord is a burst damage ability with a long cooldown.

Other abilities that consume energy are

  • Effuse is a Windwalkers primary self heal that can be used to heal yourself or an Ally for a small amount.
  • Paralysis is a Windwalkers primary form of Crowd Control that will sap an enemy for 4 seconds.
  • Detox is the Windwalkers Dispel that will remove poisons / diseases from yourself or an Ally.

A closer look at mobility and defensive abilities.

  • Transcendence and Transcendence: Transfer are two mobility tools that let you drop an image of yourself and swap places with it.
  • Flying Serpent Kick is a fast moving mobility skill that will soar you from point A to point B
  • Touch of Karma is a defensive ability that marks a target, redirecting all incoming damage to the marked target.
  • Disable is the Monk version of a Warrior’s hamstring ability , slowing your target by 50% while the debuff lasts.


How you position yourself and how Transcendence is used during the match can changed based on the map your playing on or the team your playing against. For this example I’ll assume your playing Windwalker / Death Knight against a team you’ll frequently see in Arenas, RMD, (Subtlety Rogue / Frost Mage / Restoration Druid).

You know the Rogue is looking for a sap  onto your healer and you know the Mage is going to start with invisibility.

A common opener for RMD is to start the match from double stealth and land the sap. They’ll then Shadow Strike to the target and Cheap Shot to stun you. Once Symbols of Death is up they’ll pop Shadow Dance, apply their DoT, and proceed to kill you while stun locked. During this time you’ll likely be in the Area effect of Frozen Orb while taking damage from Comet Storm and other abilities. Between the Mage and the Druid’s Polymorph and Cyclone, both you and your healer are going to be in trouble.

Using your trinket or defensive’s to early can result in being crowd controlled while the enemy just attacks a new target so how do you position yourself and your portal to give your team a winning chance?

  • Transcendence should be placed behind Line of Sight at the start of the match (A pillar, statue, tombstone, etc) to prevent the rogue from just leaping back on you using Shadow Strike when you activate it.
  • Stopping future crowd control on your team should be your priority and that can only happen if your location is centralized around them. This means you have to find a way to shut down the mage and druid long enough for your healer to stay active and stabilize your team. Cross CC such as Paralysis on the Restoration Druid while your teammate Death Grips the mage into melee range on his next cast of Polymorph. This will also put your team in a position to counter-pressure the enemy team to shut down there offensive momentum.

It might be easy for you to Line of Sight or to survive against incoming damage but not every class has the same strengths as a Windwalker, Position to protect your team. Being in the right place at the right time can win or lose you the match and it doesn’t start or stop at the beginning of the match – always pay attention to your location and whats happening around you.

How do Defensive’s and Trinket play into positioning?

Earlier in the week I answered a question about Greater Pyroblast and how to handle it to help someone who kept dying to it. This also applies when your playing against an Arcane Mage where Pyroblast would instead be Arcane Missiles and Mark of Alunith.

Most Greater Pyroblast setup is gonna be a Dragons Breath -> Ring of Frost -> Pyroblast.

You’ll see Sheep on your healer or your teammate – Probably a Blink->Sheep because nothing normal ever happens to us.

When you get hit you can Transfer back and heal for 20% of your health (Pyroblast does a flat 35% of your health minus ignite) if its a DB/RoF setup or if its a Poly you can trinket the first one during combustion and port the second and any subsequent attempts to setup can be stopped with Para or sometimes just roll interrupt since you’ll be on DR for both setups (Poly and Ring are all on the same DR category). If something goes wrong you always have Karma/fort to fall back on as defensive’s.

You’ll be amazed at how the pace of the game can be controlled by the team with the most effective strategies , position, and execution.

Diminishing Return

What is this “DR” I mentioned? DR, the Acronym for Diminishing Return, is the duration of any subsequent crowd control effect in an 18 second window. It’ll be important for deciding what actions you can take now or in the future.

  • The first effect will be at 100% effectiveness
  • The second effect will be reduced by 50% effectiveness
  • The third will be reduced at 75% effectiveness
  • Any future attempts in the DR category will be at 0% effectiveness

Windwalker abilities are in the Stun and Incapacitate DR category


The simplest and most overlooked aspect of World of Warcraft is how you target. The last thing you want to do is fight the camera, lose your target on blinks or loss of control, or be unable to target your friendly players with utility and healing abilities. There are a few ways to target players but here are the best methods in my opinion.

  • Focus Swapping
  • /Target Arena1,2,3
  • /Cast [@arena1,2,3]Spell name

Focus Swapping Method Requires you to set your tab button using the Macro
/focus [@mouseover, exists]
/targetenemyplayer [@mouseover, noexists]

This will allow you to tab target normally but if your mouse is over a unit it’ll set it as your focus. This is useful for players coming from healers or players that play classes that frequently target swap for cross CC such as Rogue players that might not want to Cheap Shot there target but the one next to him instead or Shadow Priests that might rotate Silence onto a target to prevent off-healing or peeling with Crowd Control.

You then setup your Crowd Control and Utility Abilities using the Macro Syntax /cast [@focus]

/Target Arena1,2,3 Method
Arena1,2,3 refers to three different Macro’s you’ll create using the same Syntax.
/Target Arena1
/Target Arena2
/Target Arena3
This will allow you to have one set of keybinds for all of your abilities but give you a way to target enemy players quickly. This is the simplest method in my opinion.

Casting @arena1,2,3 Method

Using the macro Syntax /Cast [@arena1,2,3]Spell name is similar to the /Target method but is much more difficult although quicker and uses a significantly increased keybind count because you’ll have 3 macro’s for each ability or a complex setup with Shift, Alt, and Ctrl modifiers.


Dealing Damage

Choosing the right talents to get the job done is important.

General PvP Talents

Honor Talents

Dealing damage in PvP is very similar to how you would DPS a dungeon or a raid with two major differences.

  • Your goal is to deal damage in a way that pressures the enemy team – utilizing both crowd control and your damage rotation to secure kills.
  • Windwalker toolkit lends itself to a very burst oriented playstyle and the choices you make should reflect that, stacking damage increases and saving abilities to be chained together quickly.

Watch how Venruki utilizes all of his abilities to survive, crowd control, and setup a kill attempt

Kiting the enemy backwards, while using Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick to deal damage. Touch of Karma  is used to prevent the enemy team from killing him before he has a chance to setup a kill. Then by using Paralysis  on the enemy healer he puts his teammate in a position where he can easily Death Grip the incapacitated healer into the group of DPS. Once they’re all stacked up he’s able to use a Fist of Fury , enhanced by the perk Transfer the Power increasing the damage dealt for each Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick used, as well as the Honor Talent Heavy Handed Strikes

To watch more of Venruki and see how he chains abilities to secure kills you can visit his stream at

Burst Damage

What stacks? 

The ideal setup for a kill is;

Incapacitate on a secondary target that can prevent you from landing the kill on your primary by using Paralysis.

Touch of Death to begin the counting timer on your execute

Leg Sweep to stun all targets in an area around you for 5 seconds

Storm, Earth, and Fire or Serenity + Rising Sun Kick -> Strike of the Windlord

As the seconds wind down on your first stun use Fist of Fury to extend that stun further allowing Touch of Death to detonate while keeping the enemy team locked down.

Look for opportunities to hit multiple targets with your Fist of Fury to increase your offensive pressure.


Make good Judgement calls when going for kills

  • What cooldowns does my teammate have?
  • What defensive cooldowns does the enemy team or my kill target have available?

You dont want to dump all of your damage and resources into an opponent thats a little tankier on average as opposed to other classes, such as a druid that can freely shift in and out of Bear Form when you can instead pressure the enemy teams Shadow Priest who’s only defensive ability is Dispersion.

  • Where am I?
  • Where is my healer?
  • Where is my other DPS teammate?

Great, you landed that sweet stun on the enemy healer and after all your cooldowns he just walks away from you because your separated from your team and you have no support from your partner DPS. To make matters worse you cant stop crowd control on your teams healer from the distance your at and both enemy DPS are on there way back to protect there healer, and kill you.

  • Dont panic

Counter Pressure is a part of the game. Come up with a strategy for how your going to handle the enemy teams cooldowns and execute it. Know when to be offensive and when to be on the defense; off healing, dispelling, stopping crowd control or peeling the enemy off your teammates.

Some Macro’s

#showtooltip as the first line will display an icon of your choosing if specified or will default to the icon of the first line in the macro.

/cast [target=focus] Spear Hand Strike
/cast [target=focus] Paralysis
/cast [target=Player] Tiger’s Lust

The “exists” parameter will enable the Macro to function as a normal key outside of Arenas

/Cast [@arena1, exists] Paralysis; Paralysis
/Cast [@arena2, exists] Paralysis; Paralysis
/Cast [@arena3, exists] Paralysis; Paralysis
/target arena1 or /focus arena1
/target arena2 or /focus arena2
/target arena3 or /focus arena3

#showtooltip Touch of Karma
/target arenapet1
/cast Touch of Karma

Some useful macro’s that I use that can help condense your action bar into less overall buttons

#showtooltip chi wave
/cast [mod:shift] Chi Wave; Tiger Palm

#Showtooltip Effuse
/cast [mod:shift,@focus,exists]Effuse
/target Arena1

#Showtooltip Tigers’s Lust
/cast [mod:shift,@focus,exists]Tiger’s Lust
/target Arena2

#Showtooltip Detox
/cast [mod:shift,@focus,exists]Detox
/target Arena3