Windwalker PvP Talents 7.3

General Talents Panel

Chi Shaping


Chi Wave is currently the default talent choice in the level 15 tier providing a small source of sustained damage on a low cooldown. After the damage and healing reduction to Chi Burst on the PvP template it is no longer worthwhile to run the talent. Eye of the Tiger can still be used when playing on teams where Chi Wave breaking short range Crowd Control is a possibility or you wish to keep a DoT on a target to prevent stealths.

Movement Speed


Tiger’s Lust has always been the staple of Windwalker utility and a key component in the strength and synergy of several comps where it can be used in place of other abilities such as Blessing of Freedom to assist in keeping your team mobile when they need it the most.

Resource Management


You can never predict how much Chi or Energy you’ll have at the exact moment the enemy team makes a mistake in an Arena match. Energizing Elixir allows you to better capitalize on moments of opportunity by refilling both your Energy and Chi Bar. It is the difference between the seconds needed to build Chi for Fists of Fury or to immediately Strike of the Windlord after a cast of Rising Sun Kick. While Ascension has a place given the nature of pooling and the frequency of using Paralysis while dealing damage it, along side Power Strikes, are both weaker options. Energizing Elixir also provides a full bar of energy / chi to help feed the resource hungry Storm, Earth, and Fire

Crowd Control

Leg Sweep is the default pick in this tier. Boasting one of the longest stuns in the game at a 5 yard range with the capability of hitting multiple targets makes it hard to argue against this selection.


In this tier you have two options that’ll change depending on the comp your facing.

Against strong Caster Cleaves where the possibility of dying quickly in one or two casts exists take Diffuse Magic for the additional Defensive Cooldown otherwise play Healing Elixir.


Damage Tier 1

In this Talent Row Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger plays the role of the Burst damage cooldown and Hit Combo will help maintain pressure and help put valuable extra damage in your stuns.

Damage Tier 2


Storm, Earth, and Fire is a strong cleave/sustained damage cooldown with 2 charges and having Whirling Dragon Punch added as a filler on the same cooldown as Fist of Fury gives you access to frequent chains of moderate burst damage. Currently, Whirling Dragon Punch is the highest damage talent in the tier but it comes with several limitations. Earth, and Fire clones need to be fixated on your current target to prevent them from leaping out to range and either breaking crowd control or costing you damage on your Strike of the Windlord, and Fist of Fury. Depending on the comp your playing this might not be neccessary with each use of the cooldown, for instance if the enemy team were grouped up and stunned, due to Rising Sun Kick spreading Mortal Wound to all targets hit and the ability to fixate clones after the initial debuff. It is important to note a few specific things regarding the A.I of your clones despite all of the advantages of the talent.

  • Earth, and Fire clones have there own global cooldown so casting an ability as soon as they’re summoned will sometimes cause them to not use it.
  • Earth, and Fire channel 25% faster than the player
  • Earth, and Fire can not chase a target as well as you can
  • Earth, and Fire do not share a DR with the player and will copy your Trinket but any crowd control you are either taking at a reduced duration or immune too will still effect them
  • Several abilities such as Arcane Barrage and Shuriken Storm can be stacked off of clones being in proximity of you
  • Very reliant on available resources

Serenity replaces Storm, Earth, and Fire as your primary offensive cooldown. It is weaker in terms of overall damage which will result in less sustained pressure throughout raw damage during the match but its cooldown reduction bonus’s and strength when stacked with other damage increasing abilities both your own and on your team gives you the potential to kill a target every time it is used and keep the enemy team on the defensive.

Serenity’s biggest problems include the long periods between uses, the difficulty of use, and the reliance on uptime during its duration. It is important you plan your usage of Serenity and keep a close eye on available crowd control.