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Hey there! I’m Paoanii, one of your Brewmaster Specialization Leaders (and discord moderators!) here at Peak of Serenity. I currently play Mistweaver — wait, what? — in <Focus Up> on US-Stormrage.

I’ve played World of Warcraft since day one of release, which in retrospect must’ve been a truly dreadful experience to go 8 years without my precious Monk. I have played every class in the game to a top 100 rank in my career and earned Cutting Edge in every role for a single tier multiple times. Most recently on my Monk, I was the rank 2 world (rank 1 US) Brewmaster on WCL for Nighthold. I’ve been an active part of the tanking community for almost a decade now, but only began contributing to Peak of Serenity at the end of Legion.

Come Battle for Azeroth, I’ll be returning to my Monk after my brief Antorus foray into the world of Shadow Priest. I hope to help guide the Brewmaster section of Peak of Serenity to an era of excellence.

Battletag: Paoani#1157



Discord: Paoanii#0368


Coming Soon! Redesigning for BFA!
I’m Sinzhu, a monk currently raiding with We Gucci on US-Kil’jaeden. Although I only really started playing World of Warcraft just before the prepatch for Warlords of Draenor, I’d like to think I’ve made up for it with a goal to catch up and learn about all the facets of the game I never had the chance to experience as early as some other people. At one point or another I’ve mained all three of monk’s specializations and still actively play them in different environments, but my true passion has always been for Brewmaster and learning all the ways to break the game with its unique toolkit.



Moving into Battle for Azeroth, I’ll still be continuing to play Brewmaster, swapping to Windwalker when a friend wants to tank instead in mythic plus, and Mistweaving in PvP. I also fully intend to keep raiding at the high level and continue getting every Cutting Edge (or maybe even Hall of Fame).

Battle.Net: Xanaduzu#1233

Discord: Sinzhu#9783

My UI contains a large number of addons, with the most pertinent ones being:

  • BigWigs/littlewigs
  • Details
  • Elvui — profile can be found on my page
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Grid2+Clique
  • Quartz
  • Threat Plates
  • TipTac
  • Weakauras2 — my auras can be found on my page
  • XIV Databar

In action, it all looks something like:

Hello, I’m emallson, a main tank for Occasional Excellence, Team 2 on US-Turalyon. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft on-and-off since the end of The Burning Crusade, but only began raiding at the beginning of Legion. Beginning as a hunter in Emerald Nightmare, I switched to Brewmaster mid-Nighthold to fill a tank slot in my heroic guild’s roster and have been playing Brewmaster ever since.

Shortly after Antorus launched, I picked up the then-unmaintained Brewmaster modules on WoWAnalyzer. Through this, I became involved in the Brewmaster community on Discord, and have since become a contributing theorycrafter.

As we enter BFA, I will be continuing to play BrM as a raid tank with the goal of knocking out Cutting Edge each tier. Aside from that, I’ll be playing a mixture of Monk and Paladin in Mythic+ depending on how my interests sway.

Battle.Net: emallson#1452

Discord: emallson#6223

Hi everyone, I’m Shrike! I’m currently tanking for <Focus Up> on US-Stormrage; sometimes I play monk, but not always.

My WoW career is relatively young, as I started playing during Legion prepatch. I jumped right into tanking as a protection paladin, with a small friends and family guild. (Shoutout to Molt on US-Dunemaul for patiently guiding me through my first tier!) It wasn’t long before I dove into the deep end, and joined a Cutting Edge guild for the launch of The Nighthold. I’ve achieved Cutting Edge for each tier since, and have no plans of stopping any time soon.

I switched to brewmaster for Tomb of Sargeras, and quickly fell in love with not only the spec, but also the vibrant monk community — keep being awesome, everybody. I’m here now to do my best to repay all the help and guidance I got as a new player and a new monk, and to add my contributions to all of the excellent resources out there.

Battle.Net: shrike#1113

Discord: shrike#1113


Coming soon!


I’m Garg and I raid in the weekend team of Synthesis on US-Turalyon. I’ve been playing WoW since the latter half of Siege of Orgrimmar, nearly always on Monk.


I started writing for Mistweaver during the tail end of the Legion beta, on a blog called Crane Style Healing (which is now no longer up to date) because of the lack of up to date resources available to the spec at the time. Since then, I’ve become the Mistweaver admin of the Monk discord server, and write and maintain the Mistweaver guides on Peak and on Wowhead. I also created and maintain the Teachings of the Red Crane spreadsheet for raiding Mistweavers.

Twitter – @GargMW

Discord – Garg#6987

Twitch – GargMW

I have a lot of addons, but the most important Mistweaver/healer specific ones, to me, are:


WeakAuras 2 (Profile: Mistweaver HUD)

bdGrid (Requires bdCore)



Hello, I’m Anomoly! I have been playing WoW since classic and raiding at a mid-tier level for almost the entire time. I started off as a Warlock, but ended up loving my Monk in Mist of Pandaria. Other than a short stint as Brewmaster in mid WoD, I have been primarily a Mistweaver. I currently raid with Decidedly Uncouth on Mal’Ganis.

I started writing for Mistweaver during the second tier of Battle for Azeroth and currently maintain the guides here at Peak of Serenity. I was initially involved in building the Mistweaver module for WoWAnalyzer and still maintain it today. If you have any question or issues with either of those two resources, please let me know and we can get them fixed!

Discord – Anomoly#0110

Twitter – Anom_MW

Twitch – Anomoly


I’m Total and I’ve been playing and writing about Monks since the first day of Mists of Pandaria. I mained Mistweaver, Windwalker, and Brewmaster at various points throughout Mists and Warlords, writing in a now defunct blog the whole time and discussing the class on MMO-Champion and later Peak of Serenity when Discord took off.

Disappointed with the Mistweaver rework in Legion, I decided to play Disc Priest for all of that expansion as it was new and an interesting challenge to figure out how it worked. With many positive changes in BfA, I am returning to Monk and played Mistweaver extensively in beta. Going into BfA I plan on playing Mistweaver for raids and some M+, Windwalker for any solo content or Islands, and Brewmaster for M+ when I can’t find a tank.

I have gotten Cutting Edge achievements for as long as they have existed, raiding consistently in top 500 world guilds. I also created and run the general healer role discord.

Total#0001 on Discord
Currently I use Shadowed Unit Frames for my raid frames.


I’m Babylonius and I play a Windwalker Monk in Occasional ExcellenceUS-Turalyon. I am married, with a daughter, and work as a Speech Therapist in an elementary school. Beyond World of Warcraft, I play Xbox and relax with my wife, daughter, and dogs.

I started playing WoW in 2007 and have been playing my Monk consistently since a few weeks before Throne of Thunder was released. During that time I have maintained high overall rankings and raided within and around the US100 level on a very minimal raid schedule.

I am the former moderator on MMOChampion Monk forums for over two years where much of the Monk theorycrafting and discussion took place, and now administrator of the PeakofSerenity Discord. I also post frequently to answer questions on Reddit’s /r/wow, managing the weekly Firepower Fridays DPS thread. I stream all my raids to Twitch, upload kill videos to YouTube, occasionally Tweet, and answer questions in-game and on Discord.

Discord –  Babylonius#3431 – Babylonius#3431
Twitter – @BabyloniusMonk
YouTube – BabyloniusMonk

I’m J-Funk, I play and talk about Windwalker Monk a lot.

Discord –  J-Funk#4955
Twitter – @JFunkGaming
YouTube – JFunkGaming
       Twitch – JFunkGaming

ElvUI Imports:



Weakaura Import:

Hey there! I’m Juko. I play on Twisting Nether EU in a pretty casual guild. I’m currently taking a programming/development education and spend a lot of my spare time on WoW and other video games.

I have played WoW since Mists of Pandaria, but didn’t start raiding until late in Warlords of Draenor, and have been playing Windwalker since the start of legion. I maintain the Windwalker module on WoWAnalyzer and have also done some work with the Windwalker profile in SimulationCraft.

Discord: Juko8#5824



You don’t want to copy my UI 😀

Talby here! I play Windwalker Monk in the Horde guild Snowblind on US-Tichondrius. I started playing WoW late in Burning Crusade but started to really devote time to the game during Cataclysm before picking up Monk as my main class with the release of MoP and for every expansion since then.

I contribute to the Monk class module for SimCraft along with several other members of the community as well as actively participate in discussions on the World of Warcraft game forums as a member of Blizzards MVP program.

Discord: Talby#0001 Talby#1633