Welcome to the Brewmaster Basics series! The intention for this series is to provide an introductory-level but thorough look at brewmaster fundamentals. We want to explain not only what you should do, but why those things are important and how they can impact your gameplay and decision-making. Tanking is rarely black and white, with clear-cut answers. Sometimes there’s an obvious solution, but other times you have to adapt on the fly or try to make the best of a bad situation. While we’ll give you the best answers we can for what to do in certain situations, we also want to give you the tools to make educated and informed decisions on your own when you find yourself in uncharted territory. Think of this series as the place where we give you a fish if we can, but try to also teach you to fish for those times when we can’t.

A Guide to Stagger and Brews

As the starting point for the series, the focus of this section is on the fundamentals of the brewmaster kit: stagger and the two main brews. We start out with a visual explanation of stagger (buckets! many buckets!) and how it works to smooth and mitigate damage, and then talk a bit about Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew. We’ll go over what each brew does, how it interacts with stagger, and give some basic guidelines on when to use them. Not too much detail, though — that’s later!

What Makes Stagger Strong

In the second part, we’ll take a look at what actually makes stagger a strong mechanic. This section will first break down what “tankiness” really means when talking about a tank spec and how strong you feel during a fight. Then we’ll take a look at how stagger fits into that feeling. We’ll also spend some time talking about a tank’s relationship with their healing team and things you can do to make life easier on the healers, or make you feel safer when the healers are stressed.

Guidelines for Purifying

Purifying! Also, brew management. This one’s a monster, so settle in for the long haul. Purifying is one of those things where it seems simple at first, and then as soon as you start trying to do it in a real situation, you realize there’s actually nothing simple about it. Learning to purify efficiently is one of the most nuanced parts of playing a brewmaster, and is one of the things that can make your skill really shine. This part of the series will talk about what purifying does, why it’s important, when not to purify, and lay down some guidelines for how to start learning when you should.

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