by Sinzhu

Every specialization in Warcraft comes with its fair share of jargon to speed up discussion, and Brewmaster is no exception. Rather than having to ask and wait for a response (or risk not getting one), feel free to consult this chart whenever you encounter a brew player saying strings of letters you’ve never heard before.

BrM/BM – Brewmaster

KS – Keg Smash

BoS – Blackout Strike

TP – Tiger Palm

BoF – Breath of Fire

ISB – Ironskin Brew

PB – Purifying Brew

FB – Fortifying Brew

EH – Expel Harm

CJL – Crackling Jade Lightning

GotO/Gotox – Gift of the Ox

CF – Celestial Fortune

EB – Mastery: Elusive Brawler

ZM – Zen Meditation

EK – Exploding Keg

Para – Paralysis

Trans – Transcendence

CB/Burst – Chi Burst

EotT – Eye of the Tiger

CW/Wave – Chi Wave

Torp – Chi Torpedo

TL – Tiger’s Lust

LB – Light Brewing

BoB – Black Ox Brew

GotM – Gift of the Mists

RoP – Ring of Peace

Statue/Dave – Summon Black Ox Statue

LS – Leg Sweep

HE – Healing Elixir

MV – Mystic Vitality

DH – Dampen Harm

RJW – Rushing Jade Wind

Niuzao/Angry Dave – Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox

SD – Special Delivery

ED – Elusive Dance

BoC – Blackout Combo

HT – High Tolerance

AWR – Anvil-Hardened Wristwraps

AHR – Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn

KJBW – Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish

DMD/DMD:I – Darkmoon Deck: Immortality

Stick/Stat stick – any trinket with only Agility and a secondary stat, ie: Eye of Guarm

Hunger – Hunger of the Pack

WHoD – Writhing Heart of Darkness

EoC – Eye of Command

DCC – Deteriorated Construct Core

CNR – Coagulated Nightwell Residue

UA/Arcano – Unstable Arcanocrystal

BTI – Bloodthirsty Instinct

SCS – Shifting Cosmic Sliver

Codex – Riftworld Codex