Shrine of the Storm the Windwalker Way



Level 15: Chi Burst
Level 30: Tiger’s Lust
Level 45: Energizing Elixir
Level 60: Good Karma or Ring of Peace (RoP can be useful in higher M+ keys where tanks need to kite)
Level 75: Dampen Harm
Level 90: Rushing Jade Wind
Level 100: Whirling Dragon Punch

Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-Move away from Aqu’sirr when he casts Surging Rush
-Try to keep yourself in the middle of the platform as to not get knocked off by Undertow or Surging Rush

Monk Specific Tips
-You can paralysis and leg sweep to remove Grasp from the Depths
-Keep a transcendence down as a safety net in case you get knocked off the platform

General Boss Tactics
-Keep Faye‘s Slicing Blast interrupted
-Stand in Faye‘s Swiftness Ward to gain 25% haste
-Watch out for Ironhull‘s Hindering Cleave as it causes huge damage
-Avoid tornadoes spawned from Blessing of the Tempest

Monk Specific Tips
-Soak Ironhull‘s Hindering Cleave while he is affected by Blessing of Ironsides to get a quick full absorb of Touch of Karma with Good Karma

General Boss Tactics
-Interrupt Void Bolt
-Kite and avoid Awoken Void orbs spawned by Waken the Void
-If you are affected by Ancient Mindbender soak all of the Awoken Void orbs to take damage to remove the Mindbender before you get mind controlled

Monk Specific Tips
You can dispel Mind Rend with Tiger’s Lust to remove the DoT
Touch of Karma after the boss casts Void Bolt to prepare for the Mind Rend cast as it prioritizes melee

General Boss Tactics
-Move away from Vol’zith when he casts Yawning Gate
-Move away from Tentacles that spawn before they cast Tentacle Slam
-Interrupt Forgotten Denizens Consume Essence

Monk Specific Tips
Paralysis/Leg Sweep Manifestation of the Deep spawned by Call the Abyss to make sure they don’t reach the boss
Forgotten Denizens spawn in set locations, set up a Transcendence before the fight starts to get to the addss quickly when –Grasp of the Sunken City is cast

Trash Tips