Siege of Boralus the Windwalker Way

by | Aug 27, 2018


Level 15: Chi Burst
Level 30: Tiger’s Lust
Level 45: Energizing Elixir
Level 60: Good Karma or Ring of Peace (RoP can be useful in higher M+ keys where tanks need to kite)
Level 75: Dampen Harm
Level 90: Rushing Jade Wind
Level 100: Whirling Dragon Punch

Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-The boss cannot be tanked, he will fixate players (prioritizing ranged) with Iron Gaze/On the Hook and walk towards them
-If the boss finishes casting the Iron Gaze/On the Hook he will cast Hangman’s Noose/Meat Hook
-Prevent the boss from finishing his cast by kiting him into bombs left by Heavy Ordnance which will stun the boss for 6 seconds
-Prioritize Adds on this fight as they can get out of control pretty quickly
-Move out of Heavy Slash if the add is facing towards you while casting it

Monk Specific Tips
Tiger’s Lust the Iron Gaze/On the Hook target for them to more easily kite the boss into bombs
Provoke the boss to make him move faster
The Adds are CC’able which includes Leg Sweep/Paralysis

General Boss Tactics
-Keep close to the boss to prevent her from using Gut Shot
-Keep her close by slowing or rooting her or else she will jump away because of the Elusive passive
-Move behind her when she casts Clear the Deck
-When she reaches full energy she will Withdraw, watch out for the order the cannons light up and dodge the void zones on the ground accordingly.
-Focus the cannoneer when the adds come down. He will drop his Unstable Ordance on the ground when he dies. You can pick it up and use the extra action button to revert to phase 1

Monk Specific Tips
-Cast Disable on Lockwood to keep her slowed for the whole fight.
-Keep a transcendence spirit down as a safety net in case you end up in a bad spot in phase 2

General Boss Tactics
-Avoid Brine Pools as they deal high ticking damage
-Move out of Break Water casts as it deals huge damage, knocks up, and leaves a brine pool
-When he reaches full energy he will cast Tidal Surge, dodge the wave by standing near the statue so that the wave misses you

Monk Specific Tips
-Use your high mobility to easily dodge Tidal Surge
-Stand in Brine Pools to fully absorb your Touch of Karma shield

General Boss Tactics
-Kill the tank tentacle first and then theĀ tentacles to free the engineer
-When the engineer is freed he will fix the cannon and allow you to shoot the boss dealing 33% of its Maximum Health
-Repeat for 3 platforms and defeat the boss
-Spread away from other people if you are affected by Putrid Waters
-Move out of Call of the Deep circles on the ground

Monk Specific Tips
Diffuse Magic will remove the Putrid Waters debuff

Trash Tips

Notable abilities to avoid in Siege of Boralus

Kul Tiran Halberds SlobberKnocker
Kul Tiran Vanguards Heavy Slash
Riptide Shredders Singing Steel
Irontide Raiders Savage Tempest
Ashvane Commanders Trample
Ashvane Spotters Sighted Artillery (Drop this debuff on the mobs to deal damage to them)
Bilgerat Buccaneers Banana Rampage (Leaves bananas on the ground that stun you)-
Bilge Rat Demolishers Terrifying Roar (Line of Sight the fear, Transcendence helps for this)

Notable Abilities to dispel with Detox

Ashvane Invaders Stinging Venom Coating