MOTHERLODE!! the Windwalker way



The talents I recommend for the MOTHERLODE!! are:
Level 15: Chi Burst
Level 30: Tiger’s Lust
Level 45:  Fist of the White Tiger
Level 60: Ring of Peace
Level 75: Diffuse Magic
Level 90: Hit Combo
Level 100: Whirling Dragon Punch

Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-When the boss launches footbombs at the party (Footbomb Launcher) you have to kick them back at the boss before they detonate, as they deal a solid amount of damage and increase your damage taken by 50%. If you hit the boss with them they instead increase his damage taken by 50%.
-The boss attempts to pull in the coin piles close to him so make sure to position the boss away from the them when the cast (Coin Magnet) is about to come in, as they increase his damage dealt by 10%.
-Be sure to dodge Shocking Claw as it deals high damage and stuns any players hit for 3 seconds.

Monk Specific Tips
-Save all of your cooldowns, especially ToD and ToK for when he has his damage taken increase. Your ToD double dips* which leads to huge ToD hits here, making it worth delaying slightly to get this.
-You can use WDP to cancel the knockback from Static Pulse.
-Using Static Pulse to soak your ToK shield is also good as it does decent damage.

*Double dipping refers to when a damage taken modifier on a target applies to an ability twice. For example both components of ToD being affected, both the Gale Burst and base amount are increased.

General Boss Tactics
-The main mechanic of the fight is dealing with the Earthrager adds, they can by CC’d with things like Paralysis or Blind or they can be grouped up, stunned, then killed.
-Since they fixate on players if you’re going to group them up your party has to stack on each other so all of the Earthragers run to the same spot, then you can lock them down with things like Leg Sweep so you don’t get too many stacks of Jagged Cut.
-I would recommend killing them on base mythic/low key levels, and consider CC’ing them on higher key levels or if you’re very undergeared for base mythics.
-If you’re going to CC them there are fracking totems just outside the boss area that work like paralysis.
-More Earthrager adds will spawn throughout the fight and it is best to just burst these down.
-The boss will occasionally cast Azerite Infusion buffing an add making it immune to CC and breaking any active CC while also buffing its damage by 150%, any add targeted by this should be focused down.
-Additionally, the boss will cast a Resonant Pulse which will cause all of the active Earthragers to cast Resonant Quake dealing AoE damage in a circle around them.
-The final thing is a frontal cone that the boss will cast (Tectonic Smash) dealing moderate damage and knocking players down.

Monk Specific Tips
-If you’re going to kill the Earthragers you can get a few stacks of jagged cut so you can absorb your karma shield.
-If you’re running Serenity you can pre-stack Mark of the Crane on the adds before you pop it and weave in some SCK for additional damage.
-You will want to use Leg Sweep or Ring of Peace to interrupt Resonant Quake 

General Boss Tactics
-Rixxa will cast Chemical Burn applying a dot to 2 players, this can be dispelled by the healer.
-She will also spawn pools with 2 different abilities – Azerite Catalyst and Gushing Catalyst.
-You should aim to position near/in line with these pools as the boss will cast Propellant Blast which will target a player and push them backwards, but it will also push the pools backwards so you can use this to clear up more room in the boss area.

Monk Specific Tips
-You can stand in the pools to soak your karma shield, and save your other personal for if you get targeted by Propellant Blast.
-It’s also possible to negate the pushback from propellant blast on yourself or other group members using Tiger’s Lust.
-You can use Diffuse Magic to reflect Chemical Burn onto the boss.

General Boss Tactics
-If targeted by homing missile you need to move away from your group so that you don’t cleave damage onto anybody.
-You should rotate with the boss to dodge his gatling gun ability.
-He will additionally spawn B.O.O.M.B.A adds that will fire rockets at marked patches on the ground, these should be dodged.
-In phase 2 the boss will drop rockets onto the group that stick into the ground, when you are targeted by drill smash you need to run over to the rockets which will cause him to hit them. This removes stacks of his buff and when he reaches 0 stacks he will go back to phase 1 which will allow you to damage him again.
-Also during phase 2 he will spawn 2 Skyscorcher adds, these need to be focused down while interrupting Concussion Charge casts.

Monk Specific Tips
-You can speed your other group members up with Tiger’s Lust to help them reach the rockets in time if they get targeted by Drill Smash.

Trash Tips

Important casts to kick:
-Refreshment Vendor – Iced Spritzer
-Refreshment Vendor – Kaja-Cola Refresher (high priority as it heals other mobs)
-Addled Thugs – Inhale Vapours
-Hired Assassin – Toxic Blades (should be high prio as it increases their tank damage and the damage of their AoE)
-Venture Co. Earthshapers – Rock Lance (prioritize this as it deals huge damage to your tank)
-Venture Co. Earthshapers – Earth Shield (another high priority cast as it heals mobs for 10% max hp each time they’re hit)
-Stonefury – Furious Quake
-Venture Co. Alchemist – Transmute: Enemy to Goo (10 second polymorph cast that can be incredibly dangerous if it lands on your healer)
-Feckless Assistant – Transfiguration Serum (This will fully heal and transform the mob into a more dangerous enemy and should be kicked every time it is cast)
-Ordnance Specialist – Artillery Barrage
-Expert Technician – Overcharge

Notable situations to stun:
-Mech Jockeys have to be stunned before they reach their machine and cast Activate Mech, if they are stunned while casting it they will never get in the machine.
-Hired Assassins should be stunned when they cast Hail of Flechettes as it does high group damage.
-Stunning adds on Azerokk will allow you to get good damage off on them before your stacks can go too high.
-Use Leg Sweep to stop any Repair casts as they will heal the mechs and slow you down a lot.
-You can use your stun to pick up any of the high priority casts that you would miss because your interrupt is down (i.e. Earth Shield / Transmute: Enemy to Goo / Transfiguration Serum)
Mobs/Casts to paralyze:
-You can utilize your Paralysis for the CC strategy on Azerokk.
-It can be used to interrupt all of the casts covered in the stun section.
-Paralysis can also be used to cover any of the high priority casts that may otherwise be missed (i.e. Earth Shield / Transmute: Enemy to Goo / Transfiguration Serum).