Tol Dagor the Windwalker Way



Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-Avoid Sand Traps
-Move away from the player who is targeted by Upheaval
-Group up so that Sand Trapss spawn closer together which allows the tank to get aggro on the adds that spawn from them easier
-Cleave the adds she spawns down and try to keep them away from the tank (Ring of Peace and Leg Sweep are useful for this)
-When the adds die they enrage her which gives her a stacking damage and haste buff that should be dispelled if possible

Monk Specific Tips
-Use Touch of Karma when Sandstorm is active to help mitigate damage
-You can dodge Upheaval‘s damage with Transcendence
The sequence goes as follows:
Boss casts Upheaval as she goes under you place your transcendence in a safe place
if you are targeted with upheaval move away from your group in a safe direction
Keep watch on your boss timer until there is ~1 seconds left on upheaval
Teleport back to your spirit with trans
Video Example

General Boss Tactics
-Avoid taking damage from Flashing Daggers by Line of Sighting the ability
-Interrupt Howling Fear cast by Jes and Bobby
-Damage Bobby Howlis to remove his Blade Turning shield so that you can interrupt Vicious Mauling

Monk Specific Tips
-Place a transcendence before the fight starts behind a nearby pillar to easily avoid Flashing Daggers
Detox the player Jes targets with Crippling Shiv
Leg Sweep the adds that Jes summons in his intermission once they are all grouped up

General Boss Tactics
-Throughout the fight Valyri will be using her Fire spells to explode Munition Barrels and cause Burning Arsenal
-Move barrels by clicking on them to pick them up and move them away from her Ignition and Cinderflame
-Try to group the barrels up in one corner of the room so that all the explosions happen in the same place
-Move out of Cinderflame‘s cone if Valyri is facing your direction while casting it
-Don’t handle barrels if you are affected by Fuselighter as it will cause the barrel to be dropped and explode

Monk Specific Tips
-You can reflect Fuselighter back onto the boss with Diffuse Magic

General Boss Tactics
-Move out of Cross Ignition
-Make sure your back is to a wall as to prevent knockbacks from Explosive Burst
-Watch out for cannons spread across the room and move out of the front of them if they turn towards you to avoid Massive Blast
-Minimize movement as much as possible so that you don’t stun yourself from Heartstopper Venom
Monk Specific Tips
Transcendence doesn’t increase your Heartstopper Venom meter when you teleport to it
-Be careful not to stun yourself with Whirling Dragon Punch as it increases your Heartstopper Venom meter by 30 when used

Trash Tips

Notable Abilities to Avoid in Tol Dagor
-Ashvane Marines Suppression Fire
-Ashvane Flamecasters Fuselighter
-Heavy Cannons Cannon Blast
-Ashvane Wardens Lockdown
-Ashvane Priests Righteous Flames