Waycrest Manor the Windwalker way



The talents I recommend for Waycrest Manor are:
Level 15: Chi Burst
Level 30: Tiger’s Lust
Level 45: Fist of the White Tiger
Level 60: Ring of Peace
Level 75: Dampen Harm
Level 90: Hit Combo
Level 100: Whirling Dragon Punch

Boss Tips

General Boss Tactics
-This boss consists of 3 different bosses that are active at the same time, when they don’t have the Focusing Iris they spam cast Soul Bolt / Ruinous Bolt / Bramble Bolt. These should be interrupted whenever you can with priority on the boss holding the Focusing Iris. They also gain access to an additional spell and have an aura when they’re holding the Iris.
-When a boss isn’t holding the Focusing Iris they take 99% reduced damage, and when they are holding it they build energy over time. Upon reaching 100 energy they will cast Dire Ritual dealing massive damage to the entire group. Since they pass the Iris on at 50% hp they have to be reduced to that amount of health before reaching 100 energy.
-When Sister Solena holds the Iris (and she starts with it) she will cast Soul Manipulation, this will mind control a player until they are reduced to 50% hp. She will also gain a buff (Soul Armor) that reduces her damage taken by 99% so you should focus down the mind controlled player quickly.
-Her aura is Aura of Apathy which reduces the healing everybody in the party takes by 50%.
-When Sister Malady holds the iris she will gain the ability Unstable Runic Mark which debuffs every player with a dot that lasts for 6 seconds, when this debuff falls off it explodes for damage in an area around the player so make sure to be spread when it is falling off.
-Her aura is Aura of Dread which adds a stacking dot to all players, stacks can be removed by moving around (or jumping) so make sure to constantly move when Malady holds the iris.
-Sister Briar gains the ability Jagged Nettles which deals damage and applies a dot that is removed when the player’s health goes back above 90%.
-Her aura is Aura of Thorns which will deal damage to players whenever they hit her, just be careful not to get yourself killed with this as you can be combo’d down easily.

Monk Specific Tips
-Save your karma for just incase you get targeted by Jagged Nettles.
-You should be ready with Dampen Harm incase a Dire Ritual cast ever goes through.
-You should toggle off RJW during Aura of Thorns as it deals damage for every hit you do, RJW ticks + your normal hits will make you take a very high amount of damage.

General Boss Tactics
-The boss passively gains stacks of Soul Harvest, increasing his damage by 5% every 2 seconds. These can be removed by dragging the boss through patches of fire spawned from the lightning, this will trigger Burning Brush.
Burning Brush deals damage to players over 6 seconds and when Burning Brush is triggered many small adds will spawn that fixate on players and hit them with Burning Fists which deals heavy damage. They cannot be killed or CC’d so you just have to move away from them and kite them.
-When the Goliath casts Soul Thorn it will deal moderate damage and stunning them until the the thorn is killed, so this should be killed as very high priority.

Monk Specific Tips
-You can cleave off of the Thorns onto the boss with WDP / FoF so delaying them slightly should be a dps increase.
-Using all your mobility tools to help you kite out the Burning Soul adds will be very beneficial, Transcendence / Roll and Tiger’s Lust on yourself and other group members should make the mechanic a lot easier.

General Boss Tactics
-Raal will cast multiple frontal cone attacks, one of which is Rotten Expulsion. This does damage to everybody in the line of the spell, spawns pools that slow as well as deal damage and also spawns adds.
-You should move out of the way of this and then focus down the adds that spawn, when they die they will cast Bile Explosion. This deals damage in an area around them after a short delay so be sure to move out of this as well.
-His next cone attack is Tenderize which is aimed at the tank and cast 3 times. Be mindful of where the tank is and move away from him so that you aren’t hit.
-After he finishes casting Tenderize he will cast Call Servant which spawns adds at the back of the room, these will slowly move towards the boss and be consumed upon reaching Raal granting him a stacking 5% damage increase. You should focus these down and kill them before they reach Raal, they are able to be cc’d so use that to your advantage if you can’t kill them quickly enough without.

Monk Specific Tips
-You can stand in any of the cone abilities (Tenderize & Rotten Expulsion) as well as the Slime add’s death explosion (Bile Explosion) to soak your karma shield.
-You can use roll / transcendence to get to the back of the room quickly to kill the Servant adds.
-Utilize all of your CC to assist with the Servants as well; Leg Sweep, Paralyze, Disable, Flying Serpent Kick’s slow and Ring of Peace

General Boss Tactics
-At the start of the fight only Lord Waycrest is in range, Lady Waycrest will cast spells from range and joins the fight area later.
-Lord Waycrest’s major ability is Virulent Pathogen, this slows and damages the afflicted player. After the debuff falls off (or if it’s dispelled) it will spread to any players in the circle around you and spawn a patch on the floor, if you’re stood in this patch when it blows up you will be afflicted with Virulent Pathogen.
-Lady Waycrest will spam cast Wracking Chord for some damage but her major ability is Discordant Cadenza. This will spawn swirls at the feet of players for 5s and they should be dodged as they deal moderate damage, be especially careful for overlaps with Virulent Pathogen as that can easily lead to wipes.
-When Lord Waycrest gets to 30% hp Lady Waycrest will cast Vitality Transfer, healing him to full and giving him a stacking 3% damage and haste buff (putrid vitality), at the cost of 30% of her hp. When she has cast this 3 times she will join the main fight area and they can both be killed.

Monk Specific Tips
-Your karma shield can be absorbed with Wracking Chord as it starts to hurt on higher m+ levels.
Detox can be used to dispel Virulent Pathogen from yourself and others if you’re positioned well so that you won’t splash it onto any other group members.

General Boss Tactics
-Gorak will cast Darkened Lightning that chains between players dealing moderate group damage, this can be interrupted and should be done so every time.
-He will also cast Summon Deathtouched Slaver.
-The slavers have 2 casts of their own, Dark Leap and Death Lens.
Death Lens is a channeled, uninterruptible cast on one group member that deals 70% of their max hp and should be stopped with CC.
Dark Leap jumps to the furthest group member and cleaves damage and applies a dot to everybody hit, so make sure your ranged are spread and one tanky member stands further than the others to take all the hits.
-When the Slavers die make sure to use the Alchemical Fire vial on their dead body as it prevents them being resurrected later.
-As the main boss reaches 100% energy he will start his dread essence cast; this resurects all dead Slavers (which will almost certainly lead to a wipe if there are several of them due to their death lens casts), and deals moderate group damage. This is why it is imperative that all of the Slavers are burnt with the vial vial.

Monk Specific Tips
-You should utilize Leg Sweep, Ring of Peace and Paralyze to stop Death Lens casts.
-Slightly delay on WDP / FoF for cleave onto the Slavers will result in dps gains.

Trash Tips

Important casts to kick:
-Heartsbane Vinetwister – Grasping Thorns (Stuns the player for 4s and deals ticking damage, should be priority)
-Thistle Acolyte – Drain Essence
-Thistle Acolyte – Bone Splinter
-Sister Solena – Soul Bolt
-Sister Malady – Ruinous Bolt
-Sister Briar – Bramble Bolt
-Coven Thornshaper – Effigy Reconstruction (heals all Thornguards and Jagged Hounds to full health and should be kicked as highest priority)
-Coven Thornshaper – Soul Fetish (makes it so that on death they buff another nearby ally, this should be kicked but is lower priority as it can be dispelled also)
-Maddened Survivalist – Serving Serpents (deals dot damage to the entire group)
-Heartsbane Runeweaver – Etch (deals heavy single target damage)
-Banquet Steward – Dinner Bell (this silences all group members and should be very high priority)
-Marked Sisters – Runic Mark
-Coven Diviners – Soul Fetish (same as the cast from the Thornshapers earlier and should be kicked as high priority again)
-Coven Diviners – Soul Bolt
-Coven Diviners – Consume Fragments
-Heartsbane Soulcharmer – Soul Volley (this is basically just a high damage shadow bolt volley and should be prioritized for kicks)
-Runic Disciple – Spellbind

Important casts/packs to stun:
-Crazed Marksmen – Tracking Explosive
-Maddened Survivalists – Shrapnel Trap
-Maddened Survivalists – Freezing Trap (causes an 8 second undispellable stun so should be priority)
-Devouring Maggot – Infest (this will cause it to despawn and 2 more maggots will spawn in 10 seconds, which then have a chance to cast it again. This can easily lead to you being overwhelmed, you should aim to burst them down while stunned)
-Pallid Gorger – you can stun them after they’ve been grouped up to give your group some time to burst them down before they cast Ravaging Leap.
-Gloom Horror – this mob is very similar to the Pallid Gorger

As of now there are no well known skips that utilize Paralysis. However, there are many casts that can be stopped using Paralysis and this list pretty much exactly matches the ones found in the Leg Sweep section.