Windwalker PvE Essences


Welcome to PeakofSerenity's Windwalker Monk PvE Essence Guide. This guide is designed to be a more in-depth look at the essence recommendations from the main PvE guide. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right./p>

This guide was last updated for Patch 8.3 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.

Major Essences

Blood of the Enemy – Churning Blood of the Conquered
  • Use on: Just about all the time once you have Rank 3.

This essence requires a little bit of planning in Mythic Plus, but is relatively easy to use in Raids. As your damage increases, so does the size of your crits, which this further modifies.



Conflict and Strife – Rib-Bone Choker of Dominance
  • Use on: Single Target Content; if you’re sure that you can get the maximum worth out of it, which you likely cannot.

For more information about the strengths and drawbacks of this essence, check out the article.

You will want to use it on the most injured friendly target you have available to you, as close to its 10 second cooldown as possible. It does not require your target to be healed at all to generate Chi, and passes Tiger Palm even at less than 1/10th its maximum strength. The easiest way to do this will be with a @targetoftarget, @mouseover, @focus, or @name macro in order to target the active tank since they’re most likely to be missing some health.

You can use it to reach and maintain Chi at cap during Mythic Plus although, depending on the length of the pull, unless you are also maintaining SCK stacks, you’ll still want to go through our normal opener, minimizing the effect of this. You’ll also want to make sure its available off cooldown for as soon as you can use it to get its damage into a target.



Essence of the Focusing Iris – Stabilizing Lens of the Focusing Iris
  • Use on: Anytime you can hit more than 3 targets on a fight, aren’t as concerned with single target damage, and aren’t using an above essence.

Another straightforward essence, press it on cooldown when as many targets are lined up as best they can.

You’ll want to try to find a good window of 3-4 seconds where you won’t need to cast anything every 90 seconds as it does have a channel time. You’ll also want to aim carefully as the beam is narrow. Finally, you want to time it for hitting the maximum amount of targets as it scales very well with multiple targets.


Worldvein Resonance – Fluctuating Worldvein
  • Use on: Raid encounters where several other raid members are using it and without significant movement.

This is a really cool essence that can result in some damage for yourself and others, although you can benefit from this while just having the Minor. When run with multiple other in your raid you can maintain a very high uptime, for a lot of bonus stats.

Breath of the Dying – Token of Death’s Glee
  • Use on: When you, for some reason, don’t have one of the above options.

This is a really fun essence that can be used carefully by a skilled player to get a ton of cooldown reduction and extra damage. Its likely that this can be incredibly strong in the right hands.

Condensed Life-Force – Resonating Elemental Heart
  • Use on: Single target content once you reach Rank 3. The 3% damage bonus during its uptime is very important to its strength.

This is a very easy to use Essence that can be pretty strong. There’s not much to it, just use it on cooldown. Ideally you use it on pull or a few seconds before any other big cooldowns.

The Crucible of Flame – Tempered Scale of the Scarlet Broodmother
  • Use on: Single target if you don’t have, or if you’re going to just miss getting another use out of,  Condensed Life-Force due to fight timings.

This essence is straightforward, just press it on cooldown as long as the target doesn’t currently have the debuff from a previous use.

Purification Protocol – Enhanced Purification Protocols

This essence is heavily dependent on how you use it, if you’re able to get lucky with the auto-kills or correctly time targets dying to take advantage of the damage bonus that you get.

The Unbound Force – Polarized Azerite Slivershards

With the addition of so many abilities that are out of the control of the Windwalker, Crit has seen an increase in its strength. Coupling that with the buffs to this essence make it a very desirable essence to use if you, for some reason, don’t have any of the better ones.

Memory of Lucid Dreams –  Pearl of Perspicuous Intentions

This essence gives us resources that can be difficult to spend due to having both Energy and Chi to worry about. In AOE situations where you can more easily dump resources it will be much easier to use, but still not overly strong in sustained situations.



Vision of Perfection –  Perfection-Enhancing Gearbox

Its strength heavily depends on the timing and frequency of its proc. Generally its not going to be very useful.


Ripple in Space –  Stalwart Battlefield Memento

This essence is really bad, and it should feel bad.


Minor Essences

Breath of the Dying – Token of Death’s Glee
  • Use on: All the time.

This minor is very strong and the corruption reduction helps you gain even more damage.



Worldvein Resonance – Fluctuating Worldvein
  • Use on: Anytime others are using it and there’s limited movement.

This is one that you can actively help your allies around you, and they can help you. It will be super easy for Melee to keep it up just about 100% of the time with just 2-3 people using the Major and the rest using the Minor. The strength of this minor does struggle to keep up if you’re constantly moving.


Conflict and Strife – Rib-Bone Choker of Dominance
  • Use on: Anytime you’re not using it for a Major

At Rank 2 or higher you’re able to maintain the stacks with ease, giving a big chunk of Versatility. Chances are, you’ll be using this as a Major most of the time anyway.



The Unbound Force – Polarized Azerite Slivershards

After the buffs this received, coupled with limited availability of Crit on Nyalotha gear, this becomes a very strong minor.

The Crucible of Flame – Tempered Scale of the Scarlet Broodmother
  • Use on: Single target situations

In single target situations, this minor is very strong. It continuously pumps out a lot of damage without any management.

Purification Protocol – Enhanced Purification Protocols
  • Use on: Whenever there’s multiple targets to hit, especially if they’re Aberrations.

This does decent levels of damage that scale nicely with multiple targets.

Vision of Perfection – Perfection-Enhancing Gearbox
  • Use on: Any instanced content

The Minor can be strong, and be one you might want to have almost all the time, specially in longer fights or Mythic Plus.

Condensed Life-Force – Resonating Elemental Heart
  • Use on: Any time

This is a very easy to use Essence and can be pretty strong if you get the bonus damage at a good time. Overall a nice essence to have.



Essence of the Focusing Iris – Stabilizing Lens of the Focusing Iris
  • Use on: Single Target

Windwalkers can make use of some Haste, and as long as you won’t drop your stacks, its better than nothing.


Blood of the Enemy – Churning Blood of the Conquered

Like the Major, this isn’t an essence that Windwalker can use very well due to relatively low reliance on Crit and Haste. Its not horrendous, but there are much better options.

 Ripple in Space – Stalwart Battlefield Memento

If you thought the Major was bad, this Minor is worse.


Memory of Lucid Dreams – Pearl of Perspicuous Intentions

Windwalker is already struggling to spend all our resources, getting half them back randomly without any control won’t make it any easier.