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Mistweaver Ability Spotlight – Way of the Crane

Mistweaver Ability Spotlight - Way of the CraneWelcome back to the Mistweaver Ability Spotlight, a series where we go in-depth and talk about using specific abilities that are very unique to Mistweavers. Today we will be looking at Way of the Crane, and is the best...

WoWAnalyzer and QE Live Import

WoWAnalyzer and QE Live launched there integration today. It's now even easier to leverage both tools to find and identify gear upgrades. Let's dive in and understand how it all works. We'll give a quick overview of the tools and the integration between the two. First...

FinalbossTV – Mistweaver Monks

Anomoly and Dhaubbs were on this week's episode of FinalbossTV, discussing all things Mistweaver (and druid, and disc, and glimmerdin) related here in patch 8.1.5. We ran the gambit through how Mistweaver is doing currently to why MDI is stacked with Druids. Check it...