Kel’Thuzad | Brewmaster Guide

by Aug 29, 2021

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide for Kel’Thuzad in the Sanctum of Domination Raid Encounter! This guide contains Brewmaster-specific tips and tricks and is primarily geared towards the Mythic encounter, so don’t forget to check out Tanknotes by Panthea, or the Sanctum of Domination Boss Strategy Guides and Raid Overview on Wowhead for a general overview of the mechanics of the fight on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

If you have any questions or feedback about this guide we’d love to hear from you! You can always contact us in the Brewmaster Monk section of the Peak of Serenity Discord server!


15 Row: *Chi Wave if running Charred Passions

25 Row: Personal Preference



The main phase of this fight is actually very simple for tanks. Most of your time spent on this fight is going to be your raid learning damage allocation, but both positioning and survivability are very easy to manage.



You’ll tank Kel’Thuzad on the edge of the room, and he’s not going to move for the entire phase. Any players with Oblivion’s Echo will stack as close to the ice at the stairs as possible, so that the Frostbound Devoted will spawn stacked up, and can be rooted, slowed, stunned, and ringed.

Any player that cannot immune Frost Blast should bring it to the center of the room, use an external, and both tanks will need to move in and soak with them. Make sure to call for a dispel if you do not immediately get one.


Kel’Thuzad doesn’t hit particularly hard, so you won’t need any cooldowns or externals in the main phase, and you’ll want them up in the intermission. The main things you’ll want Celestial Brew for are the spike explosions, especially if you’re going to be getting hit by Soul Fracture while these are going off or while you have the debuff, and soaking Frost Blast for non-immunity players. These are good places to use it, but neither one of these will kill you if you don’t have it up, so don’t hold it for an entire phase just to make sure you have it at the right time. Use it freely whenever you are taking damage worth preventing.


Other Notes

There will be 5 tank adds from Soul Fracture in Mythic. Your raid should have a plan for interrupting them, and the entire raid should leave the boss and hard focus these adds down. If the adds live too long, they’re likely to kill your raid before you need to worry about not picking them up in time to get back and taunt the boss. Just make sure that if you need to soak a Frost Blast while you are picking them up, you call for an immediate dispel so you can finish picking them up before the next Soul Fracture cast.

Your raid should have a plan for the Glacial Spike drop locations, either splitting 2 in Melee and 2 at Ranged, all in Melee, or all at Ranged, depending on healer cooldowns for each set. Melee spikes should be cleaved down with the boss, while Ranged spikes should not ever be touched so that they can expire naturally. However you are splitting spikes, the boss will not need to be moved aside from very small adjustments to put it evenly in between the spikes in melee, if someone didn’t move all the way in.



During the intermission, you may be responsible for tanking both Unstoppable Abominations if your cotank is weak against Physical damage (see: Protection Paladins). These adds hit extremely hard and all cooldowns/trinkets/externals should be cycled during the intermissions to keep yourself alive, since Kel’Thuzad himself really isn’t very threatening. Make sure your raid stacks up by the stairs, so that no one is standing on top of an Abomination when it spawns, as they will get immediately meleed.

After trying several options, we found that tanking both aboms on the solo Soul Reaver until it reached about 25% or so health, then bringing them onto the two grouped Soul Reavers, having everyone pop cooldowns, and killing everything, was the most consistent way to handle adds and prevent anything from dying too early. Most of the learning in this phase is going to come from everyone getting a feel for the kill timings so that everything dies together, at the same time as the add downstairs. Your job is just to stay alive, and make sure you’re dragging the Abominations off any Reavers that are getting low before they are supposed to die.

Final Phase


The final time Kel’Thuzad is out goes by pretty quick, and there’s not much new that’s happening. The only thing to note for us is that he will resurrect one Unstoppable Abomination during the phase. Make sure your cotank has threat on the boss, and make sure you grab the Abomination, as Brewmaster is the strongest class to tank them. Make sure you are targetting it as it becomes active so that you can taunt it immediately, before it starts running around and 1-shotting your dps. Other than that, this phase is just a lust-and-burn.