Remnant of Ner’zhul | Brewmaster Guide

by Jul 24, 2021

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide for Remnant of Ner’zhul in the Sanctum of Domination Raid Encounter! This guide contains Brewmaster-specific tips and tricks and is primarily geared towards the Mythic encounter, so don’t forget to check out Tanknotes by Panthea, or the Sanctum of Domination Boss Strategy Guides and Raid Overview on Wowhead for a general overview of the mechanics of the fight on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

If you have any questions or feedback about this guide we’d love to hear from you! You can always contact us in the Brewmaster Monk section of the Peak of Serenity Discord server!


15 Row: *Chi Wave if running Charred Passions

25 Row: We will want to be running orbs as a Brewmaster, and Tiger’s Lust makes this extremely easy. You can take torpedo, but you risk either torpedoing off the edge, or needing to move closer to the edge but being too close for a torpedo. Tiger’s Lust gives us the freedom to ignore the slow regardless of how far we have to move.

35 Row: This row does not matter



We will want to start with the boss, because this will make it line up so that we can run every set of orbs, which Brewmaster is excellent at doing. This will also mean that you are positioning the boss for every orb set if your raid pushes at the correct times, so be prepared to react quickly when orbs spawn (more on that below).

Whenever an orb set dies, make sure that you pick up the very first one to die, and communicate this with the other people assigned to throw orbs so that it doesn’t get stolen from you. This is because you need to be able to throw it off before the Malevolence dispel happens, so that you can taunt the boss back after the knockback.

Your cotank should position the Suffering beam off to the side during the dispel, just make sure you’re aware of where it is and don’t get hit by it.

After the knockback, try and always bring the boss back to the center to reduce the amount of distance you need to drag the boss for the next orb set, regardless of where they spawn.

Be aware that you will occasionally need to stand in Spite swirls to position the beam. Pop a cooldown any time that you do, as the swirl, plus the beam, plus being silenced can be a lethal combo.

Orb Positioning


This is about 90% of our job on this fight, and will seem very overwhelming at first, but is actually way easier than it seems.

There are two major things to note when it comes to lining up beams to break orbs:

  1. Any orb in the boss’s hitbox will break, regardless of where it is in relation to beams.
  2. The beam is WAY wider than it looks.

With that in mind, let’s dive into my typical mental priority once orbs spawn.


The moment an orb spawns, the first thing I’m doing is dragging the boss to it. While not all of the beams happen right away (sometimes there’s a Grasp of Malice in between) some of them are extremely quick and you’ll do yourself a favor by reacting as quickly as possible. If the orb is farther away from where I am, I will speed taunt the boss to get it over. The reason the first thing I do is start moving the boss directly to the orb is because of our Rule #1 above: any orb in the boss’s hitbox will break. There is very little time to look at where all the orbs are, look at where the crown is, and make a plan. By the time you have an idea of how to hit everything, the boss is already casting Suffering. But if you immediately move the boss to the first orb you see, you guarantee that you can break two orbs every time no matter what, by putting the boss on top of one, and pointing the beam at a second. Now let’s talk about how to consistently get the third (when there is one).


As we’re moving the boss to the first orb, orbs two and three will spawn. While the boss is moving over, I quickly check two things. The first is where the crown is, and see if you can easily line it up with any orbs without moving too much farther from where the boss is now (because you won’t have time to move much farther at this point). If the answer is yes, I line it up, and point the boss beam at any orbs remaining. If the answer is no, I check to see if two of the orbs are close enough that I can get them both in the boss’s hitbox. If so, I’ll move the boss there and point the beam at the last orb. While this all sounds complicated to do in a span of a few seconds, there’s a way to simplify it all where you really won’t even have to look at the crown 99% of the time. That’s because the orbs tend to spawn in pretty much the same pattern every time, just angled slightly differently.


 Almost every three-set of orbs will be some variation of this. You have two options here. The first is to move the boss to the orb that’s slightly farther from the other two, and point the beam directly in between the two closer ones. This will almost always pop them both, as the beam is wider than it looks.

The second option is to move the boss to the two that are closer together, if they are close enough, and try and get them both in the boss’s hitbox, then point the beam at the single orb. This can be a little trickier, so I wouldn’t go out of your way to do this, but if the boss is already very close to two of them then it’s a good option.

Sometimes all three are evenly spaced out, but in the same pattern. The first option still works great for that, just bring the boss to one of the “endpoint” orbs and aim the beam down the middle of the other two.

Of course during this time, you should be keeping an eye out for the crown and seeing if you can easily line anything up with it. But if you struggle with geometry, taking the crown out of the equation whenever possible and just using the width of the beam is going to make it quite a bit easier, just be ready to speed taunt the boss to get it on top of the orb in time, or else you can risk only breaking one.