Sylvanas Windrunner | Brewmaster Guide

by Aug 22, 2021




Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide for Sylvanas Windrunner in the Sanctum of Domination Raid Encounter! This guide contains Brewmaster-specific tips and tricks and is primarily geared towards the Mythic encounter, so don’t forget to check out Tanknotes by Panthea, or the Sanctum of Domination Boss Strategy Guides and Raid Overview on Wowhead for a general overview of the mechanics of the fight on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

If you have any questions or feedback about this guide we’d love to hear from you! You can always contact us in the Brewmaster Monk section of the Peak of Serenity Discord server!


15 Row: *Chi Wave if running Charred Passions

25 Row: Tiger’s Lust is primarily used for soaking Bane Arrow pools in Phase 3.

NOTE: Shard of Annhylde’s Aegis is exceptionally good on this fight and is worth a special mention. The short cooldown means it can be used on every platform in the last phase, and essentially pauses the damage of Banshee’s Bane stacks for 8 seconds, allowing you to take little damage from Heartseekers at extremely high stacks. This trinket is worth seeking out at any item level for this encounter.

Phase 1



Positioning in Phase 1 will be handled by the raid baiting Veils. It’s important to note that you can move Sylvanas small amounts, but doing so reliably/consistently is extremely difficult. However, there’s no real reason to move her in Phase 1 as long as the raid is baiting properly. 

If you ever need to leave the boss’s range while keeping threat on her (such as running out with Arrow), roll out of melee range rather than walking, since she will move with you if you simply walk.

Black Arrows

For each arrow set, either tank can get Arrow, or neither, or both, though she will favor certain combinations (i.e. in 10 pulls, she will likely do the same thing 9 times, and will give the arrow to a different tank on the 10th). It’s almost consistent, but she technically can do anything, so just make sure you have a plan for anything.


First Arrow: Will almost always go on the tank with aggro. This was the most consistent of the three sets, but VERY rarely she’d give the Arrow to the off-tank.

Second Arrow: Usually does not go on a tank, but if it does, will almost always be on the tank with aggro. This arrow happens during a veil, and both tanks will have dropped their stacks, so if a tank gets this arrow, simply have the other one run in and taunt immediately after the veil to take the Heartseeker that comes very quickly after.

Third Arrow: Usually does not go on a tank. When it does, it seems random which tank, and sometimes we both got it. Have a cooldown for Heartseeker if you get this arrow and have threat on the boss.

Ranger’s Heartseekers

When to swap/who takes which Heartseeker is going to depend on your tank comp.

It is perfectly viable to swap on every Heartseeker, but this will result in 1-2 instances of a tank getting Heartseeker’ed during Arrow. This works very well for tanks that are weaker at taking 6 stacks every time/without cooldowns, but have a strong cooldown for the arrow/heartseeker overlaps (Prot Paladins, Death Knights). 

You can also choose to swap every 2 heartseekers (6 stacks), roughly, with more of a focus on swapping around arrows so that the arrow tank is never taking a Heartseeker. This works well for classes like Guardian Druids and Vengeance Demon Hunters. It will result in higher damage taken overall, and may not be the best option unless you’re struggling with handling Heartseeker/Arrow lineups.

Brewmaster excels at either option, with Zen Med or Dampen Harm for dangerous overlaps, and a strong toolkit for handling 6 stack Heartseekers repeatedly.


Your best bet will likely be swapping on every Heartseeker, and making slight modifications to suit the needs of your tank comp, like letting someone take a double stack at a certain point to achieve the overlaps that work for you. 

The main thing to note as you’re learning Phase 1 is that Brewmaster is strong if played well, and can be the flexible tank to take extra stacks and correct any issues that arise, until you solidify your swaps.

The following shows the timing of the Heartseekers in Phase 1. The red lines indicate the time that Arrows are first applied to the tank (if a tank is chosen), so this will be the time you need to start running out. If a tank is chosen for Arrow 2, they will either need to take a Heartseeker while they are out, or have their cotank taunt immediately after the Veil and take a double stack.

“Triple Stack”: This can be handled in a few ways. Neither tank will have any stacks going into this, so you can choose which tank starts this combo.

A DK tank can use Anti-Magic Shell to get rid of some of the stacks and take the first two Heartseekers, with you as Brew taking the third.

A Protection Paladin tank can use Spellwarding on the tank with threat, and they can take the entire 3 Heartseekers (shown in video).

Without either of these, the stronger tank, or tank with a cooldown available, can simply take the first two Heartseekers, and then the other tank can taunt for the third. The main thing to be aware of is a rough timestamp of when this happens, so that you’re not still taunting on every Heartseeker and refreshing stacks on the third.

Phase 2


For Phase 2, there will be two bridges instead of one, and each side has something different going on. One tank will go left, and one right.


First Split

Left side: The left side will have a Souljudge and a Goliath. The raid will be focusing down the Souljudge first, so taunt it first and put a Keg Smash into your taunt window, but make sure you get a taunt into the Goliath when it’s back up, as it’s very easy to lose threat here. Have your rogues or hunters Tricks and Misdirect you as well. Since the Souljudge is the primary kill target, the Goliath will have some stacks of Fury by the time it dies. Save a cooldown for the end of this platform, around the last 30% health on the Goliath. You’ll want all your cooldowns for Phase 3, so don’t use something like Fortifying Brew. Dampen Harm works well here, Shard of Annhylde’s Aegis works exceptionally well here.

Right Side: The right side will have a Summoner and a Goliath. The Summoner will be the kill target, so taunt it first. Same as the left side, save a cooldown for the last 30% or so health on the Goliath.

Second Split

Left Side: The left side will have a Mawforged Colossus, which is a new Mythic-only mob. Pull it back towards the bridge you just crossed just a little, one or two steps, and immediately turn it away from your group while he casts Filth, a frontal cone. Your group should stay stacked up the entire platform, so just face it 180 degrees away, then turn it back and stack up with everyone to handle Expulsion. The group should stay stacked and move as a group to dodge Veil. Be ready to turn the Colossus away again immediately after Veil for another Filth, then stack back up.

Right Side: The right side will have a Souljudge and a Summoner. The Summoner will be the kill target, so taunt it first.


Veil of Darkness

For either side, you’ll want to tank the mobs essentially exactly where they spawn, so that the rest of the group can be standing around the middle of the chain. This is because if Veil is baited in the middle of the chain, two pools can stack side by side since the chain is wider in the middle, as opposed to all three pools spanning the length of the chain. This will significantly reduce the distance players have to run to dodge Veil, and allow players to dodge forwards or backwards, depending on their positioning.

The exception to this is the Left side in the second split, which has the Colossus, and will follow the positioning described above and move backwards as a group to avoid Veil.

Phase 3


NOTE: There are many ways to handle Phase 3 depending on your raid and your tank comp. The strategy outlined below was used with a Brewmaster and a Protection Paladin, a relatively “not as tanky” tank, and involves most of the damage/threatening moments being handled by the Brewmaster. This strategy will work with every tank combo. If you are tanking with a “tankier” tank, you may find your own ways to split the load more evenly between the two tanks.


Platform 1

Immediately upon landing, we’ll be going left heading for Platform 3. Get a Stampeding Roar or Wind Rush Totem if one is available. Our goal is to make it to the far side of Platform 3 as Bane Arrows are landing. Quickly pick up as many pools as you can, but don’t backtrack to grab a far pool, just leave it. From the time bane arrows land, you have about 6 seconds to pick up as many pools as you can before you MUST be off the platform. This is because of a new Mythic-only ability, Merciless. One of these soaks will always end up out on Platform 3 while you are there. Don’t try to soak it, just make sure that you leave the platform and get out of its range before it goes off. When your screen goes dark for Veil, you should be stepping off the platform, as the soak goes off immediately afterwards. Soak all the pools on Platform 4 as well, then return to the raid on Platform 1.

I use Fortifying Brew while I am gathering on Platform 4, and Aegis as I am leaving to jump back to Platform 1.

Once you get back to the raid, you will have a few seconds to DPS the boss before you’ll need to move out to the corner to get dispelled for Banshee’s Fury. Move out to the left corner if you’re facing the middle, or the corner closest to Platform 4. Shortly afterwards, you’ll be leaving this platform during Raze.


Platform 2

This is the scariest platform, and the one where you’ll hit the most stacks, so have externals planned out for this one. You’ll taunt when your cotank gets Wailing Arrow, which should be immediately. You’ll take Banshee’s Blades and two Banshee’s Heartseekers, which will put you at 10 stacks. You shouldn’t need any cooldowns yet at this point.

Your cotank should taunt back when you reach 10 stacks, and then shortly it will be time to get dispelled in the left corner again on Banshee’s Fury. Shortly after the dispel, Bane Arrows will land. Pick up all the pools in the middle of the platform, leaving just the corners and outer edges of the platform, so that your raid has room to spread for the upcoming Veil. You want to aim for about 12 stacks here, but that number will change slightly depending on where pools land and how much you have to clear for a safe Veil. Use a smaller cooldown like Dampen Harm to keep you up once you’ve soaked these stacks.

You’ll taunt on Wailing Arrow again, and take a Heartseeker immediately, then one more right before Raze. Those last two Heartseekers will be your highest risk of death, and you should have a big cooldown (Aegis, Zen Med) for each, while using healer externals in between to keep you from bleeding out to Banshee’s Bane stacks. You should stack up with the raid on the Raze cast and get a Mass Dispel before leaving the platform.


Platform 3

Your cotank should taunt at the start of Platform 3. Prot Paladins or Blood DKs should use Spellwarding or AMS on the Banshee’s Blades cast to reduce the stacks they get before running out with Arrow. All other classes should plan to use their big cooldown to survive the upcoming Arrow, as they will have 10 stacks, and will then be soaking pools on Platform 4.

We will taunt on Wailing Arrow once again, and will soak Bane Arrows once they land. There is a dispel immediately after this, so the only goal is clearing pools out of the center so the rest of the raid doesn’t trip on them. Move to the left corner once again to get dispelled.

Immediately after the Banshee’s Fury cast finishes, clear the corner you just got dispelled from. This is where the Merciless soaks will appear, and if the corner is covered in pools, they will appear in random other locations, which will mess up the soak assignments. Once the corner is clear, just make sure to pick up any other pools needed to create space to spread for Veil, a few seconds before the upcoming Veil. Your cotank should taunt back while you are clearing pools. Stack up with the raid during Raze for the Mass Dispel.


Platform 4

Your cotank will get Wailing arrow on the way over, and you should taunt the boss immediately upon landing. You will have a few seconds to move her into the left corner where the raid will be stacked up, while the Wailing Arrows go to the opposite corner. Just keep strafing with her until she moves. After arrows finish, you’ll need to get dispelled on the RIGHT side during Banshee’s Fury. This will be the corner that the arrows just went off in. This will also be during Death Knives, so be ready to dodge during the dispel. Your cotank should taunt here.

After the dispel, clear just a few pools from the corner to make room for the Banshee’s Scream spread, then clear the Bane Arrows once they drop to make room to spread for Veil, once again leaving the corners. This should put you around 8-10 stacks.

The boss will then be moved to the corner closest to the center, and this is your lust-and-burn. Taunt the boss again on Wailing Arrow, and then there’s one last dispel. Use either the left corner, or the back corner for the dispel, and the boss should die soon after.

Cheat Sheet


This was a Cheat Sheet that I made for Phase 3 to quickly glance at and help myself see what was coming next. It also includes the cooldowns that I used for this fight.


Using this strategy, remember that you taunt on every Wailing Arrow, and only on Wailing Arrow, and it’s one less thing you have to remember.