The Tarragrue | Brewmaster Guide

by Jul 24, 2021

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide for The Tarragrue in the Sanctum of Domination Raid Encounter! This guide contains Brewmaster-specific tips and tricks and is primarily geared towards the Mythic encounter, so don’t forget to check out Tanknotes by Panthea, or the Sanctum of Domination Boss Strategy Guides and Raid Overview on Wowhead for a general overview of the mechanics of the fight on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

If you have any questions or feedback about this guide we’d love to hear from you! You can always contact us in the Brewmaster Monk section of the Peak of Serenity Discord server!


15 Row: *Chi Wave if running Charred Passions

25 Row: I recommend Chi Torpedo for this boss as it is the better talent for kiting at the end of the fight. Aside from 10% to 0%, your chosen movement talent will not matter and you can easily do fine with whatever your personal preference is. However, I think Chi Torpedo is slightly better for kiting at the end, so if you really want to stay alive for a few extra seconds or watch one less of your dps friends hit the floor, this will help.

40 Row: I take Dampen Harm over Bob and Weave for this boss specifically because of the windows in which the boss is doing 50% more damage (more on this later). BnW is still an acceptable choice for the damage profile of this boss, but Dampen gives me a lot more value as I want to make sure I have a cooldown rolling for every one of those windows.

Phase One: 100% – 10%


This part of the fight has one taunt swap, Overpower. Tanks will simply taunt swap every time it is cast. It doesn’t hit particularly hard for it being physical damage, but it’s worth noting that you probably want to have either Celestial Brew, or time the tail-end of a rolling cooldown up for it if you did not take the Ever-Beating Heart anima power, which makes you immune to stuns. This is because we will be stunned for 4 seconds after taking the hit, and will not be able to purify during that time.


The biggest thing to note for this boss is that when Remnants of Forgotten Torments are out, in particular the Upper Reaches Might (Physical Damage) Remnant, the boss will be doing increased damage (50% to start, then less as it is soaked). His melees hit pretty hard during this time, so try to have a cooldown or external rolling every time this Remnant is out and you are tanking the boss. 


Tanks can soak the Fire (Black with Fire) and Magic (Purple) remnants, but should avoid soaking the Physical (Black) remnant. Don’t try and be a hero and soak too many stacks, just about 3 of each by the end of the fight is plenty to contribute, and won’t cause you to take too much extra damage.


Phase Two: 10% – 0%


Don’t expect to tank anything here, even with heavy cooldowns you’re likely to die extremely fast. Place a transcendence before reaching this point, away from where you are currently tanking the boss. When he is about to transition, put some distance between him and yourself, and be prepared to taunt swap back and forth with your cotank, standing on opposite sides of the room. He’ll go taunt immune pretty quick, so once that happens be ready to chi torpedo back and transcendence across the room. 

Don’t worry too much, even if you die immediately you should still kill the boss, but if you don’t want to spend the last 10% of the boss on the floor thinking about your poor decisions, try and have a plan going into this phase that doesn’t involve you getting meleed.