Artificer Xy’mox | Brewmaster Guide

by Dec 6, 2020


This fight for us is 95% positioning/knowing Glyph of Destruction overlaps and where to run out to, and 5% staying alive and dodging basic mechanics, such as the following:

Stasis Traps: These can spawn under tanks, unlike most mechanics, so don’t zone out and forget to look and move. Set a different alert sound or emphasize the ability if you need to, there’s not a lot else going on.

Rift Blast: Don’t stand in the lines. It’s super simple.


Note: The Glyph numbers and locations/overlaps are an approximation and may change depending on your guild’s speed and damage. Use them as a general guideline, and make any adjustments needed depending on the overlaps that you get with your push timings.

These are the markers that will be used for the raid to navigate. We will start with the boss in the center of the room.

Phase 1

We will be taunt-swapping on every Glyph of Destruction. You are able to taunt during the cast timer, and the Glyph will still go on the tank that had threat when the cast began.

Tank A will start with the boss and tank in the center of the room until Phase 2 begins. Glyphs will be taken to the following locations:


Glyph 1: (Tank A) No overlap with anything else. Bring it out between Diamond and Star.


On very early pulls, or if your DPS is very slow, you may get a second Glyph before phasing. It can go out to the same location, as it also does not overlap with anything.


Phase 2 

Tank B will bring the boss just to the side of Square when you enter Phase 2. Don’t tank it directly on top of the marker, as it will make it very hard for a player to pick up the Seed that spawns on Square.

Stay on Square until the adds spawn to bait them. Tank A will taunt the boss for Glyph as the Seeds spawn, then move the boss to Skull to get out of the Seeds explosion.



Glyph 2: (Tank B) Run this Glyph out between Diamond and X. Make sure you have both charges of Roll/Torpedo here, and use one to get out of the group. This Glyph just slightly overlaps with Seeds, so right after the Glyph explodes, the circles for the Seed explosion will appear. Use your second charge of Roll/Torpedo to get out of them and back to the group.


 After the Seeds explode, Tank A will move the boss back to Triangle to bait again, and stay there until the second set of Seeds begin to blow up. Then move back to Skull to dodge the explosion.


Glyph 3: (Tank A) This Glyph goes out as the Seeds are exploding. Run it out to X, just as far away as you can get it without being in the Seed explosion.


If your DPS is slow, you may get another Glyph in this phase. Running it to the center of the room seems to be the safest choice to avoid hitting any players picking up their seeds.

Phase 3

In this phase we will be dealing with Edge of Annihilation in addition to everything else. If you are the tank that has the boss during the suck, make sure you use Celestial Brew while running against it. It is very difficult to avoid taking at least a few hits to the back during the suck, and healers will not be able to heal very much while running against it themselves. If you do not have Celestial Brew, make sure you call for an external or use something to stay alive.

Tank the boss at Circle so the raid can run against the wall during this mechanic. Put a transcendence down on circle, to be used either as a backup if you get sucked in too far to Edge of Annihilation, or to help deal with any bad overlaps of Edge and the tank Glyph.




Glyph 4: (Tank B) This Glyph will go on whichever tank has the boss at the start of the phase, which should line up to be Tank B. It won’t come out for awhile, so don’t start saving Roll charges/Celestial Brew for it at the start of the phase.


Each of the Glyphs in this phase can be brought out to X, preferably deep into the corner against the wall. Make sure that your DPS that are moving seeds don’t run out to get into position too early, or they may get clipped by the explosion, particularly the first one of the phase. None of them overlap directly with anything else, but be conservative with the movement you use to get out and back in, as there may be the Edge of Annihilation very shortly after an explosion.


There should be a Glyph 5 and 6 (both go to X) before finishing the fight.